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The "I Am the Reader" book tag

There is a book tag floating around among YouTube channels, called “I Am the Reader” and people get all chatty answering the questions.
I’m not sure who started the tag, and I’m not going to go search for them either, but the questions did sound interesting when I happened upon a vlog this past weekend. 604 more words

Life's Mystery

Something I Found

While perusing whatever creative projects happened to be going on in the news or on the internet, I stumbled upon something interesting. For a couple of years now, in the very heart of Orlando, Florida, there has been a massive festival celebrating creativity. 153 more words

Q&A Tag

I was nominated by the lovely Benita J Prins to do my very first Q&A tag! I love reading these so thanks for tagging me! Of course, I was tagged quite a while ago. 758 more words


Again, I’m very lazy. I’m a tiny bit sick, so I have a decent excuse. And because I’m lazy and sick, I’m going to be doing another tag for you guys. 697 more words

The Ultimate Book Tag

Alrighty! This is The Ultimate Book Tag! I hope you’ve got enough mana for this because I sure don’t!

*cracks knucles* le’go!

1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?  884 more words

Extra Trinkets

The Autumn Tag

Autumn has always been my favorite season. It just makes me so happy. Cold weather, football games, pumpkin patches! Oh My! I wanted my first post on The Hannah Project to reflect something I love, so this tag is absolutely perfect! 466 more words


5 Learn How to Use WordPress

No matter what you want to accomplish with your blog, through the power of WordPress it will all be possible. Learning WordPress might seem overwhelming at first, but there are really only a few basics that you need to know (such as publishing content to your site, creating pages and adding images). 96 more words