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First Look: Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon

Alternative titles: Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai, Anime was a Mistake
Light Novel Adaptation by Silver Link
Streaming on Crunchyroll


There’s an Anti-Magic Academy and they have a 35th Test Platoon made out of the very worst of their number, plus a guy with a sword. 270 more words


7 Αγαπημενες μου συνηθειες.

Η metafrasi με εκανε tag και εγω η γαιδουρα το εχασα,και κατα τυχη το ειδα,σε ενα υπεροχο ποστ οπου μιλαμε για τα 7 πραγματα μεσα στις 7 μερες τις εβδομαδας που μας οδηγουν στην ευτυχια!Επειδη ομως εγω δεν ειμαι ανθρωπος που εχει προγραμμα θα μιλησω γενικα για εφτα συναισθηματα/πραγματια που αγαπω!

Επισης ωραιες απαντησεις,εδω και εδω.


My Top 25 Songs on iTunes

Hey, folks! :)

A while ago, I was tagged by Honestly, Libby to do the “My Top 25 Songs on iTunes” tag-sort-of-thing.

In other words, I can find out a lot about myself by just scrolling through my iTunes most frequently-played songs. 243 more words


First Look: Yuru Yuri Third☆Season!

Alternative titles: Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!, Yuru Yuknow I don’t know what to call this in English but that star is pretty cool
Manga Adaptation by TYO Animations… 369 more words


Fall Favorites Tag 2015

Hey all! I am so excited that Fall is finally here and of course we all know what that means . . . cozy sweaters, pumpkin flavored things, cinnamon EVERYWHERE, candles, dark lip colors, fashion, costumes, pumpkin carving, and tons and tons of food! 336 more words


The Nail Polish Lovers Tag!

I absolutely love doings tags as well as reading them because they are a lot of fun and you get to know the person a little bit better. 501 more words


Ultimate Book Tag

Do you get sick if you read in the car?

i actually do :( It’s the worst thing in the summer when my family and i go on vacation. 403 more words