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Autumn tag 2018

Okay, I am still getting used to blogging again, so sorry for leaving you hanging for a week. But I thought I would keep it in autumn theme since it is my favorite season. 588 more words


Reading Habits Book Tag!

Hello friends! I recently stumbled upon a fun little book tag on Shirley’s blog and wanted to give it a go!

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

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TBR Lows and Highs #2

TBR Lows and Highs was created by Destiny @howlinglibriaries.

As I said in my first post in this series, I won’t be able to participate weekly – and that’s why I skipped last week – but whenever I have enough books to talk about, I will post one. 1,160 more words

TBR & Goals

Hey, friends! I saw my amazing friend Spence do this tag on Common Spence for the #Potterpalooza last month! And… I couldn’t resist doing it! Also, seriously, they are such an amazing booktuber, you all should check out their channel, because I promise you that it will brighten your day!  401 more words

Voted Most Likely! -- A Writer Tag

 good morning, cyberspace!

As you can most likely guess by the title of this smudge, today’s post is going to be extremely fun.

Just recently  2,582 more words

Writing Tags

My Bad Reading Habits Tag

Happy Tuesday friends, and welcome to another really old tag! #KaleenaIsASlacker2k18 Many thanks to the lovely Kelly @ Just Another Book in the Wall for tagging me in the Bad Reading Habits Tag  703 more words


Tag Tuesday: the Reader Confessions Tag

Another Tuesday, another tag that I’m 900 years late for. Today I’m doing the Reader Confessions Tag, which I was tagged for by the lovely… 447 more words