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IT cloud vs. IoT cloud

Kaivan Karimi, Atmel VP and GM of Wireless Solutions, shares the top 10 factors to consider when transitioning from IT cloud to IoT cloud.

In mid-2013, the buzz phrase “ 3,672 more words


Minty lamb and fetta triangles - get your puff pastry on!

I love to cook. I find it quite relaxing when you have a whole afternoon to potter round the kitchen, like your own personal cooking show, as you chop this and stir that. 269 more words



By Gilbert Eronda

Murder has topped the case list in the ongoing criminal session at Pallisa High Court presided over by Justice Stephen Musota. At least 30 criminal cases are being heard. 118 more words


Bigger is apparently better at Dianella burger joint Novembars. Quite the little gem. This burger spot was a fish and chip shop in a previous life and is in a fairly non-descript group of shops hidden away in suburbia. 520 more words


McDonald's Forrest Lakes - Create Your Taste

I like McDonald’s. Actually that might be understating this lifelong affair. I’d go so far as to say there are things about Maccas that I love. 812 more words


The Trustee Bar and Bistro - Dessert Degustation

Dessert is a beautiful thing. It is sweet and lovely and can be a myriad of decadent flavours and differing textures. Sure dessert is a ‘sometimes’ food but I’m always smiling whenever that sometime rolls around. 843 more words



Pinchos is a little hole in the wall tapas bar in Leederville that was previously home to Snags & Sons, both of which are from the talented Justin Bell of Jus Burgers fame. 693 more words