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A Comprehensive Inventory of Things I Lost (And Things I Found) In Israel

The story of my trip to Israel is incredibly complex and hard for me to unpack, but I’ll start at the place that makes the most sense to me — the end. 1,173 more words


Birthright: Coexistence

I am a Sunday School teacher at a local Episcopal church. My students are 11-13 years old. They are incredibly impressionable and live in a world with easy access to news and information that they don’t entirely understand. 563 more words


Birthright Israel

Going on Birthright was undoubtedly the most magnificent experience I have been lucky enough to experience and since then I have longed for the day when I can go back to Israel. 307 more words



Everyone else is already in the water, but I’m still on shore. I stand on a stretch of cool beach watching dozens of other people—some whom I know, some whom I don’t—writhe and splash and shout and struggle to come to terms with the fact that they don’t need to paddle to keep their heads above water. 1,332 more words

Personal Life

They call us insane. We almost fell off our unicorns.

Cross my heart, I have no idea what I will tell these kids tomorrow.

Calling them children, technically, is an understatement. However, I can’t think of them differently. 856 more words


home is...

15 September 2015

Home. It is such a strange word. Much more than a place, it is a feeling. I feel at home here… 615 more words


yad vashem

5 September 2015

Every day I see thousands of people. They look down at me as I sit among my brothers and sisters. Their faces are sombre and some have tears in their eyes. 613 more words

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