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Android Instant Apps testing begins.

Google I/O last year was Instant Apps, a new way to run Android applications without any installation.  Buzzfeed video link would play the content in the Buzzfeed app, only downloading the parts required for video playback. 85 more words


A weekend that went left

So, over the weekend my roommates and I decided to get dinner out. We get to the restaurant and take our seats, being conscious of where I sit. 75 more words

What I'm Reading This Week

Happy Monday!

I know. I haven’t posted anything the whole last week, but since I’ve only just begun blogging, I reserve the right to excuse my laziness/procrastination with the mounds and mounds of schoolwork I’m assigned everyday. 917 more words


Blogger Recognition Tag

Hiatus Announcement: In the upcoming week, I’m not going to post or do anything else related to blogging, as I’m going to be super busy. (Frankly, 2017 so far has been packed with things I need to do.) When I come back, I’ll catch up on and continue reading all of your posts, as well as posting comments and writing on my blog. 709 more words

Last week I fulfilled a lifelong dream experiencing the Northern...

Last week I fulfilled a lifelong dream experiencing the Northern Lights. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden via /r/EarthPorn http://ift.tt/2kkMaH7

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2jqwIct


Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Tag

Hello Readers!

Sorry I am a day later with this post. Lately have been very busy with the preparation for my next internship. But I won’t go into debt about that now, I will be taking about it in another Story Of My Life at the end of January. 556 more words