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The Illuminating Mysteries, Part I of III: Wu'ḍū


This will be –insha’Allah– the first of three entries wherein I will attempt to unveil -by God’s permission- the enigmas and secrets of the most basic acts of Islamic worship, this first segment being primarily concerned with wu’ḍū, or most commonly in English, the ablution.  2,762 more words

Wiping Over Footgear

Wiping over footgear (Socks/Khuffs/Boots)

  • Pre-Intention not required
  • It is allowed to wipe over non-leather thick socks (as a concession one may wipe over thin socks due to hardship)
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Wiping the neck (wudhu)

Wiping the neck:

Wiping the nape [‘the back part of the neck’ – Webster’s] is recommended.  (link) (Hanafi)

As for Imam Nawawi’s opinion that it is an innovation due to the evidence for it being    excessively weak, this was not accepted by many other hadith experts.


Touching Private Parts (wudhu)

Question: Anything coming from the private organs invalidates wudu. What if one drys the inner part of his/her private parts after ghusl? Does this necessitate a wudu after ghusl? 1,553 more words


Wudu Lapbook

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

I hope all you ladies are having a blessed day! Today I thought I would show you a lapbook me and the kiddos recently finished about cleanliness. 153 more words

Age 5-6

Jewish Burial Traditions

An excerpt from the book, Spirits of the Bayou: Sanctuaries, Cemeteries and Hauntings

Walking through the stones reading the epitaphs, you become one with the hallowed ground. 1,117 more words

Louisiana Cemeteries Trail