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GrandSims ft Taharqa - All I Know (Prod By GrandSims)

GrandSims & Taharqa are shedding light on all they know on the 30 more words


El-Kurru, Sudan

As I have described in previous posts on Nubia/Sudan, a Kushite army (in what is Sudan today), led by King (Pharaoh ) Piye, launched a successful invasion of Egypt around 727 BC, creating what became known as the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt. 517 more words

Justin Ames

Taharqa to the Rescue

Concept art for Taharqa, future ruler of the Kushite empire, as he might have looked when he was a young prince in the year 700 BC. 93 more words


Taharqa: One Of Ancient Egypt's African Pharaohs And One Of The Bible's Pharaohs

Taharqa was the sovereigns of the Ancient Egyptian 25th dynasty  – The Nubian Dynasty- and monarch of the Kingdom of Kush, which was located in what is now modern day Northern Sudan. 292 more words


taharka brothers - food for thought

a lot of the political connections i give a thumbs down to but gotta give them some credit. i know baltimore very well and it ain’ easy to escape the devil. 275 more words


Study Day 23/11/13: South Asasif Conservation Project in Context

Study Day – Gateway to an artistic and cultural renaissance
South Asasif Conservation Project in context

Saturday 23rd November, Karanis Theatre, Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, Manchester… 198 more words

Egypt Events At The Manchester Museum