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From Cairo to Sunderland, I found my voice!

“We’ll miss you when you go to prison.” That was the phrase my friends used to jokingly say to me every time I make a liberal comment on any political issue. 717 more words


Remembering Egypt’s Revolution

In Egypt 25 January has historically been National ‘Police Day’, commemorating the day in 1952 when 50 policemen were killed and others were injured by the British for refusing  to hand over their weapons to and evacuate Ismaïlia Police Station. 848 more words


The Blizzard: In Memorium

I’ve been lucky enough to write for The Blizzard since its inception in 2010. For the past year they have taken some of their best pieces of long form football journalism and turned them into podcasts.  152 more words

Understanding Resilience While Covering Devastation

‘Journalists are not automatons. Expression of emotions is expected. To conceal dismay, anger or compassion at human suffering would be dishonest.’ This is what Stephen Ward wrote in an article for the Centre for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin, after natural disaster struck Haiti in 2010. 71 more words