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Finding community amid change

By Bhavana Gopinath –

Taiga, the non-profit housing apartment complex at Scott Street, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. From its vantage spot behind Newport restaurant, Taiga bears witness to the changes in Westboro in recent years: modest homes have given way to condos and infills, and many stores are trendy boutiques. 855 more words

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Du Tatarstan jusqu'en Sibérie

Heureuse rentrée littéraire de septembre 2017 : Claude (librairie Lectures Vagabondes à Liffré) m’a proposé certains livres qu’elle a reçus en avant première et parmi eux, “Zouleikha ouvre les yeux” de Gouzel Iakhina chez Noir sur Blanc qui sortira le 20 août prochain. 550 more words

Littérature étrangère Traduite

Trois jours sur la Sosva

Vous vous demandez ce que je fais au fin fond de l’Oural? Moi j’ai arrêté de me poser la question. J’ai accepté le fait qu’un enchevêtrement d’idées, d’opportunités, et l’aide d’amis hors du commun m’ont ammenés à déposer mon sac dans un petit village aux pieds de l’Oural. 1,068 more words


The Art of Cosplay - Kanra!

The Art of Cosplay – Kanra!

Greetings fellow nerds! Today we reach across the vast ocean to the beautiful city of Minsk in the gorgeous country of  1,144 more words

To Live

Taiga sat on the edge of her bed barely able to breathe. The gasps were coming fast now, her entire body was imprisoned in this lonely state. 492 more words


Tsaatan Nomads

This time Nomadic Hype would like to introduce you one of the amazing nomads in Mongolia.

Where do they live?

Tsaatan people are reindeer herders… 351 more words


Northern Flickers

Came across this yellow shafted Northern Flicker pair at Lake Meredith’s McBride Canyon while hiking one morning. At first I was a bit confused as to what was going on-they both seemed to be males, but after a bit of research I discovered that the yellow shafted sub-species of Northern Flickers can be further divided into western and Taiga/eastern races and the Taiga/eastern version female has the red nape similar to the male, but with out the mustache the male has. So,here’s the pictures.