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Toradora (Tiger X Dragon) Review

Before starting my new job, I have quite some free time, and I decided to watch an anime series. Having seen ‘Anohana’ and ‘The Anthem of the Heart’ directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, I chose ‘Toradora’ (Tiger X Dragon) to be my company during my boring time as i know this director will not let me down. 513 more words

All In General

[183] Spiritdancer

Stepping soul through sequence
Through silent anticipation
To spiraling syncopation
Neither needs words,
Nor needs body,
But spirit.

Dance with me?


The Kirishima thing (2012) review

“A splendid crafted high-school narrative (…) meticulously (…) investigates the complexity of the high-school social fabric, while the spectator with the necessity and the difficulty to become more true to one’s subject.” 899 more words


Taiga Economy

Let’s get the compulsory but sincerely meant greetings out the way first: at this time of Yearturn, best wishes for surviving and even prospering in 2018CE to any readers who happen to float by, 775 more words


The Taiga- how to protect and manage it

Taiga during winter

Wildlife sanctuaries offer wonderful and gorgeous views all year around to nature-loving tourists. In Finland, there are 35 different national parks. These take up approximately 7000 square kilometers and are gorgeous. 223 more words


Toradora: a flicker of warmth in a cold winter evening

#12DaysOfAnime – A classic scene from an anime that pops into my name is the abrupt proposal that Ryuji made to Taiga and thus solidifying their relationship within the series, as well as its end. 1,146 more words


The Taiga- Physical and Human impacts

Physical and Human Impacts

Physical Impacts

The life and culture of the Reindeer men are threatened with extinction since the mid-1990’s due to the Reindeers being affected by a parasite disease. 396 more words