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Toradora is a word which comes from the names of the two main characters of the series. Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka are the two  main character which lend to the name of the series. 450 more words


Anime Review 1.6 The Familiar Of Zero (Season 1).

Hello everyone Shawn aka TheKazeTrigger here and welcome to my next MVM Entertainment anime review.

This time I will be reviewing the anime The Familiar of Zero. 1,007 more words

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Opéra russe

Comment dire ? L’écriture d’Andreï  Makine est tellement belle et puissante que chroniquer ici son dernier roman est une entreprise bien difficile. Mais tout de même, vous communiquer, je l’espère, mon enthousiasme, mon vif désir de vous donner envie de lire ce livre-ci, et tous les autres avant celui-ci. 435 more words



Nimbus, name given to rain bearing clouds commonly seen at lower strata of atmosphere.

These grey coloured clouds are significance of upcoming rain, “Varun dev” God of sky, water and celestial ocean in Hindu mythology. 16 more words