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Nimbus, name given to rain bearing clouds commonly seen at lower strata of atmosphere.

These grey coloured clouds are significance of upcoming rain, “Varun dev” God of sky, water and celestial ocean in Hindu mythology. 16 more words


One Photo | Mongolia

I’m just back from a long and amazing journey through the northern reaches of Mongolia, in the taiga forests near the Siberian border, visiting nomadic reindeer herders and photographing some beautiful landscapes as well as small aspects of this fleeting and remote culture. 10 more words


Catch ME, if you CAN

In the dawn of late summer, going through the slopes of Himalayas and found this little beautiful creature around me. I was looking for something beautiful and i got it so its all about inner instincts that attract the outer one, try with yourself might be you get the one you want. 22 more words


Toradora Review: No Holds Barred

This is a review about the romantic comedy anime TORADORA. For the record, I like this anime so much and I want to speak only of good things about it, but I don’t intend to be biased here nor fool you to thinking that it doesn’t have any flaws; because there is a lot! 2,910 more words


Taiga By Gandini Perfume Review

This lesser known fragrance was released in 1950 by Gandini, and has been through numerous design changes over the years, not always to it’s advantage. I feel it is underrated and often overlooked. 189 more words


Sergey the Khanty keeper of Lake Imlor!

MK Nature Design has found someone new to be concerned about!  Sergey Kechimov is the keeper of Lake Imlor in Siberia, Russia.  The responsibility of taking care of the lake has been passed down from generation to generation to him.   315 more words

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