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Nebraska, the Taiga, and an Escape from Modernity

About halfway through the film, as the trappers set out in hand-made canoes to journey back into the heart of the Taiga, Herzog expresses his ultimate evaluation of their lifestyles: 68 more words

Pining for Carbon

The boreal forest, or taiga, extends across Canada and Russia. Conifers dominate this cold ecosystem. The evergreen needles allow the trees to photosynthesize all year. 143 more words


* prevendita del nuovo romanzo Piccoli passi nella Taiga *

È ora possibile ordinare il romanzo in “pre-vendita”. Il romanzo sarà pubblicato in primavera 2019 da Edizioni Ulivo – Balerna.
Il prezzo del romanzo è di fr.
144 more words

New Novel * Nuovo Romanzo

AOG Literature Review | A Cavern Of Black Ice, by J. V. Jones

A Cavern of Ice is the first book in the Sword of Shadows series written by J. V. Jones in 1999. It takes place in a fictional cold, taiga region known as the Northern Territories. 1,116 more words


Zola Jesus tomará un lugar especial en tu playlist

Por Luis Omar González

Si aún tienes dudas del por qué no debes dejar a un lado la propuesta musical de Zola Jesus, te dejamos  5 canciones fundamentales de la carrera de esta artista con una propuesta pop que estamos seguros, tomará un lugar especial en tu playlist. 417 more words