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Tai Chi Health Benefits

The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is said to have health benefits. While I am not into teaching Tai Chi solely as a health art, nevertheless, it can address the following observations I have made of older folks :- 248 more words


Duan Wei

The Duan Wei System was set up by the Chinese Wushu Association in conjunction with the National Sport Commission and the Chinese Wushu Research Institute in an effort to provide an international standard for Wushu / Tai Chi gradings. 337 more words


Explaining the "Inner Movement"

Wudang Tai Chi and Liang Yi concepts include the principle of “Qi” or energy-transformation. Qi is a power we can all use with our intentions. The mastery is about the efficiency of the Qi transmission. 428 more words


Tai Chi 13 Steps

Tai Chi 13 is the original form created by Zhang Sanfeng himself, consisting of thirteen steps, eight hand- and five body-movements.

The Steps:
  1. Initial phase 起勢 (Qǐ shì)
  2. 108 more words

All for One, One for All

I watched this student, J, played his form. I can tell that he has put in effort because his movements have changed a lot since he started over the past months. 349 more words



In playing the Push Hands Game we do lots and lots of circling. However, to have a meaningful practice we must circle with a purpose. 205 more words


Writing The Introduction

Just wrote a few posts in the Facebook community page for Mastering Intention – Yang Style Tai Chi Secret Transmissions. It looks like I have an introduction. 43 more words