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Good tidings!  … We are starting a new Yang-style Tai Chi course for beginners in Podgorica on September 15.

Classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:40 to 19:40. 131 more words


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY (20 August 2015)

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY (20 August 2015)

Funktionslust” is a German term for the pleasure taken in what one can do best. This pleasure – this happiness – may increase the tendency to do these things. 146 more words


Tea Tuesdays: Tea, Tao And Tourists — China's Mount Hua Is Three-Part Harmony

Originally published on May 26, 2015 4:18 pm

Imagine yourself clinging to a cliff face with nothing but uneven, worn wooden planks and chains to keep you from plummeting 7,000 feet to your untimely demise. 842 more words

A Yangward Way

My friend Karl is writing a novel titled “A Yinward Way.” Its aging male protagonist believes the world has become so yang-dominant, so overly, aggressively masculine, that it is in peril. 1,321 more words

Principles of Breath - Continuity & Pendulum

The following is an excerpt from the 7 principles of Russian Breathing according to Vladimir Vasiliev with commentary by Systema SLC. For more information pick up… 196 more words


Slaughter in the Sea: Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt

Slaughter in the Sea – Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt

The Cove (trailer) The Cove (full film)

It’s September in Taiji, Wakayama in Japan. The town is welcomed by blustery winds blended with showers and thunderstorms in the morning, shadowed by irregular spots of rain throughout the afternoon. 791 more words

Animal Rights


If the question had come from a young chap I would not be surprised. But for the question to come from someone nearing his 70s it was interesting to say the least. 986 more words