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Video of Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei

I have posted a video of Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei to the Videos page.

For those who didn’t noticed the addition of a Videos page to this blog’s folder I am also posting the video here. 104 more words


Student Notes - Sung & Fajing

Yang style Tai Chi is not difficult to learn as long as you remember to adhere to the number one requirement of Sung. When you have achieved a certain level of Sung it is easy to do the fajing stuff that is so loved by many students. 537 more words


[TaiChiChuan / Taijiquan] Week 8: Taiji Pole

Finding and keeping your balance, Taiji Pole, takes practice.

I found this:
Taiji = Great Pole

Ji / Qi / Chi = Pole => Energy Pole =>¬†Energy Flow => Life Force => Vital Energy => Prana => Pneuma… 75 more words

Deeper Meaning

Flow in Tai Chi 2

If you still don’t understand how Flow fits into the objective of mastering Tai Chi as mentioned in my first post I have laid out some explanations below using some of the pointers covered in Steven Kotler’s talk at Google. 959 more words


Flow in Tai Chi

For those who love Tai Chi with a dash of science here is one for you :-


This is a term made famous by the seminal book… 175 more words


Quality > Quantity

“When crossing hands with ordinary people you do not need to use too many techniques, broad knowledge of many techniques is not refinement; the changes within a body are simply infinite. 75 more words

[news] MFBTY to Perform With SeoTaiji At Pentaport Rock Festival

Seo Taiji and Tiger JK, two of Korean music’s pioneers, will collab on stage together August 8th.

The two musicians will perform a special set on the second day of Pentaport Rock Festival at Songdo, Incheon City. 130 more words

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