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Art of Good Learning 2 - The Secret of Persistence

In Chapter 15 The Secret of Persistence : Why Bores Are More Successful than Adventurers Rolf Dobelli wrote :-

….the secret of persistence: long term successes are like making cakes with baking powder. 462 more words


Art of Good Learning 1 - Circle of Competence

I am 2/3 through the book “The Art of the Good Life” by Rolf Dobelli. Some of the advice that he puts up for having a good life (as opposed to a wealthy life) are interestingly what I also follow. 700 more words


Moving from the Centre.

The smallest movement is the strongest.
If you were to lie a cartwheel on its axle and then spin it around, a point on the rim of the wheel would move yards, whereas a point on the hub wouldn’t move much more than a foot. 510 more words

Tai Chi

The Idol Learning Barrier

I saw some people mentioned that today is Bruce Lee’s birthday followed by the gushing of how he was their idol, how they worship him, blah, blah. 660 more words


Magic Pill

Sometimes I think it would be nice if someone can make a Tai Chi magic pill that we can swallow and solve our health problems, or address a martial arts learning issue. 676 more words


Violence is the Answer?

I am reading a book now that makes some interesting points about self-defence. The book does not really show any techniques but discusses a lot about principles for handling the question of self-defence. 482 more words


Day 1

Completed all of my rehab workout, minus the pulldowns. I avoided these because I’m still not comfortable working out in the gym when there are people present, as I am superficially concerned about the image I believe I’d emit. 107 more words

Daily Workout