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Relatively Speaking

In terms of skill in Tai Chi it is all relative. This means that the better you can do something than the other person the more you can feel what the other person’s skill is like. 190 more words


Meeting Standard of Performance

Last week I had the pleasure to inform a student J that he has met the minimum standard whereby he is competent to give public demonstration of the first section of the form. 101 more words


SO serious!

Most people who do tai chi or qigong come along to a class because they want some exercise, perhaps also to meet likeminded people, maybe to do something a bit different, maybe to find some calm in a hectic working life, or to centre themselves… and so on.   649 more words

Tai Chi

Dolphin Hell Taiji to Add Two New Species to its Drive-hunt Quota

On November 13, 2011, Cove Guardians witnessed how a family of eighteen Risso’s dolphins was driven into Taiji’s infamous cove. Among the pod the observers noticed two dolphins that were distinctly different from the relatively large-bodied, scarred, grey-and-white Risso’s. 2,023 more words

Species & Hybrids

Pernapasan dalam Taijiquan Menurut William Chen

Pernapasan yang tepat memainkan peranan penting dalam gerakan Taijiquan.  Pernapasan ini dikendalikan oleh kontraksi dan pelepasan diafragma.  Oksigen yang diambil dari udara mendukung kebutuhan langsung jutaan sel tubuh dan menyingkirkan karbondioksida dari darah.  311 more words


Putting Myself Out There

Socialising and performing fill me with intense anxiety. Why? The butterflies hold me back. It is frustrating to freeze up before I’ve even left the house, waking up full of dread before I’ve even had time to open my eyes. 408 more words

About Movement

I remember seeing this video. I was amazed not so much by the study itself but by the fact that the researchers said they were doing a study on Tai Chi but what was shown on the video was not Tai Chi but Baji! 1,247 more words