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Three New Problems

The worth of the style you learn lies in the usefulness of the form and attendant techniques to enable you to solve problems.

So three new questions from my student :- 450 more words


Stress, Tai Chi, & Qigong

A brief ‘whinge’.
Maybe it’s only because I’m older now (or having an off day), but life appears to be more stressful these days, particularly in a city.  652 more words

Tai Chi

No Ranks, No Titles

I love the Gore company tagline “No ranks, no titles”!

In the Tai Chi we practice and teach, we don’t care about ranks and titles. We do care about knowledge and respect for each other a lot, but not about artificial ways to express those. 369 more words

Tai Chi

Intermediate Level Learning

The Kai-He (Open-Close) form is the intermediate level training routine in our Tai Chi syllabus.

It is designed to further internalize outer movements learned at the basic level from the Yang style 108 form. 489 more words


Like Climbing a Mountain

What is the difference between styles?

We often get asked about the differences between different arts like Qi Gong and Tai Chi, different styles like Yang and Chen or even between internal (e.g. 655 more words

Tai Chi

The Fist & The Blade

So my student got a straight sword. Looked good until I held it and swung it a bit.

The tip side was too light and the handle side a bit off-balance. 167 more words