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Congratulations to Martial House Star, Ho Lin Ying!

Great news from Indonesia! Martial House Star, Ho Lin Ying for attaining the Bronze medal in the Women’s Compulsory Taijiquan event at the 13th World Wushu Championships! 59 more words

Martial House

Message for "tandws"

Someone with email handle tandws sent me a message. However, he may have typed his email incorrectly as I received a bounceback to say that message cannot be delivered. 12 more words


The Classics As A Standard

One of the problems with the learning of Tai Chi is that of assessing the standing of a student in terms of mastery. In certain schools they use ranking which calls for grading tests to be administered in order to determine if a student is fit to be promoted to a higher grade of learning. 785 more words


Once Upon a Push Hands 3

Part 1 is here and Part 2 here.

Our thinking today is shaped by the prevailing things around us. For example when we think that an approach is scientific we tend to think in terms of biomechanics and associate this with mathematical equations and lab studies to prove a hypothesis. 1,122 more words


Once Upon a Push Hands 2

This is a continuation of my previous post which can be found here.

Once upon a time in China they had knowledge covering science, technology, engineering, medicine, military technology, mathematics, geology and astronomy. 537 more words


Once Upon a Push Hands

How time flies. This picture was taken …….. dang, I have forgotten when this was taken except that it was taken in Ipoh when I visited one of my Tai Chi teachers together with a friend and a student. 739 more words


All Things Being Equal

I first saw this video in a FB group. This is a good video in that it illustrates the veracity of the saying that all things being equal the bigger, heavier and taller opponent tends to have the advantage. 136 more words