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Gaining Power Through Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

​Let me start by being clear. The secret of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is not a mechanical technique, a set of movements, a tactic or some magic words. 484 more words

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The Art Of Taijiquan

Taijiquan or Tai Chi Chuan contains many values and principles which lay the foundation for a balanced self-study. In Wudang, the fascination of Xuan Wu is an ideal image for Taiji. 312 more words


[LEAKED] Cherry Mobile TAIJI: E-ink Screen for eBook Readers

Even with the massive leak on the Cherry Mobile devices, they don’t stop there. Here we are again, fiddling with another leaked device. Named Cherry Mobile Taiji, this name for a local brand phone is very weird name scheme by the company.  234 more words


You can't bathe twice in the same river ...

“Fan through the Back”

Yang Chengfu 1934 (aged 51)


Visual Reality

Nowadays I read about Virtual Reality and its impact on games and training in the future.

Did you know that form training in Tai Chi is a form of VR except you need to use your power of imagination? 453 more words


When Mind is Ready

When you are not ready to learn something it is difficult to make a breakthrough. But on the other hand if you are mentally ready your body’s willingness will follow. 492 more words


Yang Cheng Fu's ten important points.

Yang Cheng Fu is the Tai Chi Master who put internal martial arts on the world map. His decision to teach the art on a broader basis than just to martial artists seeking advanced martial arts practices has withstood the test of time. 467 more words

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