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Pole eBook Question 3

Question – Using the movements in page 23 as one set, my shoulders start to ache at 20 sets. Going beyond 25 sets feel more like weight lifting than training power. 209 more words


Pole eBook Question 2

The second question is whether there is a difference between using rattan, hardwood or even white wax.

From my own experience :-

a) Hardwood is the best for practicing southern style Chinese martial arts. 379 more words


Pole eBook Question 1

Received some questions on the pole eBook. Since they are good questions I will write a reply here instead.

The first question is how to choose the weight of a pole? 373 more words


Discriminating Eye

Part of learning how to practice Tai Chi properly is the cultivation of a discriminating eye. This is important because it will help you in your learning. 579 more words


Power Cultivation

A benefit of learning how to use the pole is that it can enhance your power within a short time frame of practicing it.

A simple exercise to develop power is the Cut and Thrust shown on page 23. 144 more words


Kaihe & Kokyuho

My student was telling about some of the exercises he learned in Aikido. They are familiar to me as I have seen them in Aikido books. 645 more words


The Profound Meaning of Wudang Taiji

When I am thinking about Taiji I think about the countless failures that I have experienced down my path. I do not even think about achievement, but rather the next step that I have to take every time. 328 more words