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Pole Handbook Topics

Looks like the Pole Handbook is completed.

The next step is to review it again and again until I am satisfied.

For now the contents are as follows :- 55 more words


A Key to Push

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s wrong.

It takes even lesser to confirm the finding.

I took one look at how my student was performing Push and pointed out that its not strong. 227 more words


Micro Learning

I was just telling my student that the findings of the new science of expertise on how to learn a subject successfully confirms what practitioners in traditional martial arts have known all along which is study the basics properly, crack the application code of the forms, develop the principles that characterize the art and master them. 563 more words


Infinite Dao - 灵修启蒙 Spiritual Initiation

Extracts from Patrick Kelly’s book ‘Infinite Dao’ Chapter 1. (Part 1)

灵修启蒙 Spiritual Initiation

大量的内心自我反省下,我虽未通过大部分的学科考试,但我找到了心理平衡发展之路,思维也转向了对生命终极意义的探索。我发现现代艺术圈的创作都很感性且以自我为中心,而我早年为探索灵修所读的道家和禅宗等传统类书籍所追求的,是更高深的东西。At the end of that period of intense self examination – which incidentally resulted in failures in most of my university… 340 more words

Martial Arts

X Japan: London @ SSE Arena Wembley

X Japan has been around since the 80s and the band is one of the most influential rock band in Japanese history. X Japan was supposed to perform in London in March 2016 but had to cancel due to the member health issues. 880 more words


Infinite Dao - 前半生 Previous Life

Extracts from Patrick Kelly’s book ‘Infinite Dao’ Chapter 1. (Part 1)

前半生 Previous Life

时间回到距离此次初访四年前的1973年。当时的我在即将结束新西兰惠灵顿大学学业之前,就已经开始学习黄大师太极。我从小练习格斗术,而太极就是我的巅峰格斗术。随太极而来的,还有后来令我兴趣倍增的深奥灵修术。自十岁起,住在父母农场里的我便开始学习西方拳击和摔跤;12岁,全家搬到一个小镇,我还在学拳击和摔跤。到了16至18岁,面对高中期末考试以及大学入学准备的压力,我暂时将格斗学习放置。19岁时,我离开父母搬到了惠灵顿继续数学学位的学习。Exactly 4 years before this first meeting, while approaching the end of my university studies in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1973, I had begun training Master Huang’s system of Taiji. 437 more words

Martial Arts

When You Move, I Move.

… or to put it another way, if something around me changes, I need to change as well.

By and large we don’t like change, unless we consider it to be positive. 651 more words

Tai Chi