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Live Form Vs Dead Form

One of the greatest learning tragedy in Tai Chi is learning a dead form. This means you learned and memorized the choreograph but when doing push hands you are unable to apply the techniques, much less use the principles embedded in the form to solve problems. 855 more words


Star Wars and Tai Ji

Is Star Wars based on Tai Ji philosophy?

A couple of days ago, I went to watch the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. 475 more words


Make a Guess 2

Have you made your guess?

The answer is 17 years.

If your intention is to learn Tai Chi for recreational fun or a spot of exercise I suppose you can accept this standard of performance. 285 more words


Make a Guess

I saw this video of a lady Tai Chi practitioner playing hands with a Wing Chun practitioner.

Can you guess how many years she has learned Tai Chi?


Repealing Internal Silliness

The notion of internal did not originally exist in CMA because separating it into internal and external is plain silly. Its like saying the engine in the car that is hidden (internal) underneath the hood is more important than the wheels that can be seen (external). 1,016 more words


POEM: Tai Chi

do you know the way it flows

the glide it rides from highs to lows

coiling left to unwind right

weight of water, strong or slight… 25 more words


Rainbow Man, again

I would SO like to post more here, but, you see, I am still full of doubt as to whether it has merit. I think it does. 114 more words