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Our club has a new President

Dear Taiji Friends,

The year before last, at the end of December 2015, I announced my intention to step down as President of our club. I had been in that function since the very beginning, and it was high time someone else took over. 105 more words


Taiji Action Day for Dolphins - 17th February 2017

A short one from me today…

In just under one week, I will taking part in my first ever protest, joining hundreds (hopefully thousands) of people marching for the end of the cruel dolphin hunt which takes place in Taiji, Japan, every year. 408 more words


The Devil in Tai Chi

I bet the title of this post has grabbed your attention especially if you are one of those who think that Tai Chi is the practice of pagans and unsuited for Christians. 261 more words


Listen to Doctor

This post is inspired based on information from a conversation I had today.

You go to class to learn Tai Chi.

You learn the form. You practice it. 482 more words


The 'Donyu' and 'Toryu'

As you probably know if you’ve visited this blog before, I first practised Taiji Quan in a group when I was a student at Edinburgh University in the early nineties. 383 more words


The Dragonball and Its Practical Application

Most Chinese dragons hold a ball with one hand. In many Chinese pictures the immortal dragon plays with the ball, which radiates a sun-like or sometimes moon-like energy. 264 more words


Level dan Siklus Pembelajaran dalam Berlatih Taijiquan

Ketrampilan apa pun, selain harus memperbanyak praktek dengan berlatih, juga harus mendalami teorinya.  Misalnya dalam membangun ketrampilan berbahasa asing, lebih spesifiknya ketrampilan berbicara, tentunya selain berlatih dengan berbicara dalam bahasa asing tersebut sebanyak mungkin harus dibarengi dengan memahami tata bahasa dan memahami fungsinya.  701 more words