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From Form to Push Hands

You don’t really know how to play your form properly until you know how to apply the techniques in push hands.

Likewise, you won’t go beyond shoving and wrestling until you understand your form. 368 more words


From Dead to Alive

Is it your experience that you can play the Tai Chi form in a beautiful flowing manner but cannot use the techniques in push hands? 333 more words


How Not to Progress

Once upon a time there is a movement in a form that one of my teachers taught me. The way its done seems impossible to do. 517 more words


A Plan to Win

I hate repeating myself. But its a necessary evil if I am to drum what I want to teach into my student’s head.

I learned that he is going to meet his buddy again for push hands. 576 more words


Stepping Precision

Worked with my student on a few movements today, amongst them “Step back to ride the tiger”.

I like this movement because it conceals an interesting step, what one of my teachers called the 9-Palace Step. 167 more words


Taiji Qigong Shibashi Part 1 - Simon Blow Qigong - Art of Life

In this video Qigong Master Simon Blow demonstrates Taiji Qigong Shibashi Part #1 which translates to interaction of Yin and Yang, energy skill in eighteen forms. 151 more words

Carry The Boat

When you come to a river how do you cross it?

You could swim or you could use a boat, assuming you can get your hands on one. 700 more words