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Why Practice Tai Chi?

The typical answer to this question involves listing the medical benefits and defending the martial arts qualities of this ancient practice. However, we will refrain from going into detail here. 466 more words


'Twisted Sisters' - Broome and its love of Taiji, Dolphin Slaughter Town

September 22nd 2015

“We thank you for your input and can confirm that our team will not be encouraging the Shire to cut ties with Taiji” – Lets get Broome moving! 1,298 more words


The Ouch of Fajing


There is no such term as Fajingnitis but it has such a nice ring to it. Fajingnitis would be a term I made up to refer to the ouch of fajing. 409 more words


Annual dolphin hunt at Taiji: open letter to the prime minister of Japan

THOUSANDS of people worldwide joined mass protests outside Japanese embassies at the beginning of September to object to the start of the “killing season” for dolphins off the country’s coast. 292 more words

Current Affairs

Topic in Focus: Cetaceans in Peril (Part Two)

My last blog post focused mainly on the documentary Blackfish, this post for part two of Cetaceans in peril will focus on the documentary The Cove (2009) 979 more words

Marine Conservation

Student Notes – Learning to Master Tai Chi 3

Click to read Part 1 and Part 2.

In our approach to Tai Chi the learning of forms is linked to the practice of push hands. 736 more words


Kung Fu Exams

Last weekend was one of the more interesting weekends I’ve had here in China, (although having a sword fight with Jackie Chan in the middle of Gobi Desert is still probably top of my list). 568 more words

Kung Fu