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THINK BLUE bracelets

As the season of hunting dolphins in Taiji has started, many people are doing something to try to warn the dolphins about the boats.

Some people do  … 95 more words


Back to Basics

If your basics are not good enough then every time you advance in your learning you will end up having to revisit the basics.

I was showing a systematic method of attacking and defending in push hands. 346 more words


Dunno Principles

Earlier related post here.

So trying to correct the same old, same old problem areas I see in my student’s performance and saying that the principles must be adhered to. 277 more words



I noticed my student has changed the way she raised her arms. So I asked about it and she said that she copied what I did in a video. 163 more words


Not the Same But .....(the Same)

A student said that the straight sword form I taught him weren’t the same as that shown in some of the videos on the internet. 424 more words


Intention... How Effective was your Lobotomy?

Nothing much happens without intention. Creation ceases.  The driving force is lost.

Our entire lives are directed by our intention; our jobs, interests, hopes, romantic inclinations, relationships, ambitions, aspirations, thoughts, desires, … in fact anything we want to achieve. 440 more words

Tai Chi

7 X 7 = 48

Its a heartwarming story of a 100 million dollars lottery win. One of the numbers picked by the winner was based on her birthday of 7 July. 280 more words