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Music from East Asia, Wesleyan University

3 December 6, 2017

I had heard Asian music in Chinese restaurants. But it wasn’t until I attended a concert at Wesleyan many years ago that I realized (true confessions) that the tangy twang, minor-key sound was actually produced by unique different instruments then western instruments. 257 more words

Beth Lapin Blog

Taiko: Back to the heart

When I was a kid, I thought the U-shaped desk arrangement in classrooms was the dumbest thing ever. There was no privacy there; you were staring your classmates in the face, and there was this huge awkward space in the middle of the room. 607 more words


Keeping the Beat!

Sunset Seniors Put On Powerful Taiko Drumming Performance

By Jan Robbins

At the Cole Valley Fair, 11 members of the Kotobuki Taiko group demonstrated

that seniors can drum energetically and with passion. 631 more words

Sunset Beacon

842 Taiko [02 April 2011]

The sound reverberates
throughout skin and bone,
echoing inside the soul.
Thus is passion turned to song,
loneliness to companionship.

© Johanna Fugitt 2017


Taiko: A Poem

Taiko are Japanese percussion instruments, and the word is also used (outside of Japan) to refer to the drum ensemble performances. A few days ago, I was lucky enough to see a group perform several different styles of music. 151 more words


Show Review: Mangekyo Taiko Drum Show

Drums, abs, and a whole lot of excitement. It’s like EXILE, only way cooler. 400 more words


Let it go: the wadaiko way

Every few months or so, my taiko group goes through the basic forms/movements when playing the drums. Some of them are fairly straightforward: your stomach must be in line with the drum, not turned to one side; when hitting the drum, your drumstick should be angled down toward the drum, not parallel to it, and that sort of thing. 474 more words