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So I got an exam tomorrow.

Okay, welcome to this little rant about myself.

Technically we are just humans, if we don’t want to do something, we just don’t.
What i am speaking about is of course the long and dreary topic of procrastination. 681 more words


Today, was a fairly turbulent day!

Okay, so today was an indeed really turbulent day.
Firstly I didn’t feel like going to uni today, because exams are next week and I rather study by myself at home. 356 more words


Asuasuyura Stream #4 Taiko

Currently i am watching asuasuyura’s stream. I am also a mod in that chat and its always pretty chill.
It is Taiko though so do not expect many viewers,as taiko is fairly underappreciated game mode. 6 more words


Six of our favorite songs performed on traditional Japanese instruments to get you to the weekend

From “Shake it off” to “Smooth Criminal”, these Japanese cover songs will definitely have you tapping your toes!  471 more words


Machine that perfectly plays Taiko Master is totally mesmerizing and totally cheating【Video】

Machines will completely rule our lives someday, so why not have them help us with our video games now? 232 more words


PVC Practice Conch Shell

I made this so my taiko colleagues could practice conch shell at home. 350 more words


12:56 am On Kyodo and Friendship

Lots of practice yesterday – almost 5 hours. It’s easy to complain about now, but I know that very soon I am going to be dearly missing these people and playing taiko with them. 71 more words