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Recording Taiko Part 2: Don't Worry

Things people often worry about recording Taiko…

  1. What do I need?! What’s the cost?
  2. Is the loud sound gonna break the microphones?
  3. Oh no, I don’t want others to listen to it.
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Recording Taiko part 1: Why?

There is no magic about recording Taiko, just like everything else.

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As the snow fell overnight, and I woke up to a layer of snow on my deck and on my car this morning, I wasn’t exactly sure if I would be performing outdoors today! 193 more words


Festival Asia: London's largest indoor festival on all things Asia

Yesterday I travelled up to London for the first ever Festival Asia. Billed as ‘London’s largest indoor festival on all things Asia’, it sounded like it would be right up my street. 634 more words


Forget what you learned

Naked Melona short piece scored for 2 amplified cello and Taiko, was written with a week, perhaps within 2 days of a week. It could be so quick, because I wasn’t trying to compose anything “new”; I was letting go of myself to write what had already deeply influenced me. 172 more words



This past weekend, J and I went to the Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival, a celebration of Japanese culture that doubled as an excuse to be outside on a beautiful spring day. 108 more words

Art & Culture

Festivals and Music in Fantasy and Science Fiction

On Tuesday, I was treated to this, a very cultural experience. Taiko drums.

A picture isn’t enough? Okay, here’s the video I took.

This was at an agricultural festival, but like many festivals in Japan, it had the staples: taiko drums, traditional dancing, and food stalls. 96 more words