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This is Japanese drum (wadaiko) performance.

It is one of events at the Hojyoya festival at Hakozakigu temple.


The Mentor-Disciple beat

I’m drilling with a beat that helps me develop my weaker side (my left) to match my stronger side. It develops intention and visualisation. It also helps to combat over-thinking. 370 more words


bachi tips

I’ve started a couple of posts that have swerved, or need video support, so here’s a short post, enthused by Eien Hunter-Ishikawa’s post about his bachi. 318 more words


Hannah: beautiful body, great skin, piercings

Hannah is my top drum. I met  Hannah at the  UK Taiko Conference 2014, held at Hannah’s at Seale Hayne. She was on display in The Queen’s Room, where there was a little taiko shop. 243 more words


Recording taiko loops using punktronica

Today I recorded some live taiko loops at The Hexagon, Dartington. I am going to sequence and layer them using Camtasia in Windows 7. Here is my bought, blagged, borrowed and bartered setup for recording taiko to video. 166 more words


I was only looking for one drum! The eBay listing seemed at first to be for one, handsome black okedo with red ropes. In fact, there was a whole lot of drums and percussion for sale, due to the cessation of Kilsyth Demon Drummers. 273 more words


IONTW – August 28, 2016

SHOWERTHOUGHTS! No, not that… what do you think I am? (Wait, don’t answer that!) It’s a subreddit for you to share all those thoughts, ideas, or philosophical questions that race through your head when in the shower. 582 more words