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Survey reveals that 50% of tailgating motorists "wish everyone else would just not exist"

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Tailgating, the act of following another motor vehicle too closely, is considered a traffic violation in Illinois and runs rampant as motorists grow arbitrarily impatient behind the wheel. 981 more words


Rolls-Royce has unveiled the ultimate tailgating car

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

This month, Rolls-Royce announced a major shake up of its flagship Phantom model.

As it awaits the arrival of the next generation Phantom sedan in 2018, Rolls has decided to discontinue the coupe and convertible variants of the model. 320 more words

Money Matters

The Best Of The Best Grills For Tailgating

Top Five BBQ Grills For The Outdoors When we say that barbecue grilling is mostly enjoyed outdoors than inside the house, probably no one would argue. 28 more words


Griping, whining and moaning


Everybody likes to complain about everything, and then complain about people complaining about complaining. It is an epidemic, I tell you. Test it out yourself and see if you don’t get more attention by telling a story about somebody doing wrong than by telling a story about a nice puppy that a stranger let you pet. 256 more words


The Belle and Bull: a Bourbon Bloody Mary

Pick a rye-forward bourbon with a bit of spice instead of vodka for your next Bloody to take the character level of this go-to day drink to the next level. 338 more words

Day Drinking

Here's The Only Cooler You'll Ever Need Again

It’s a necessity for our fall tailgating. A solid cooler to keep our beer (amongst other drinks I suppose) icy cold in the humid Houston heat. 122 more words


On the road with distracted & dangerous drivers

TRAVELING ALONG 35E in the south metro recently, we pulled alongside an empty car carrier. My husband joked that he should move over and drive our van up the ramp and hitch a ride. 250 more words