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Scallop and Squid Ceviche

Oh hot day!

Seriously, it’s so hot out. Last night when taking photos for another post coming I stepped out to the balcony and I promise on my soul I was dripping sweat 5 minutes in. 806 more words

Whole 30

I'd let you in (on the road), but... [PSA]

I’m nice. Really, I am. I use phrases like “giving the benefit of the doubt” and I act on those phrases, way too often. Probably to my own detriment. 518 more words


Own Your Grill – Tips From the Pro’s

Which do you prefer, a gas or charcoal grill? My family is strictly charcoal. My husband won’t even let me look at a gas grill. He says it’s all about the taste. 744 more words

Football Promo Items

With super hot temperatures outside right now its hard to believe that football season is just around the corner.  Soon we will be packing all our cold weather gear to cheer on our favorite football team. 263 more words

Top 25 Causes of Accidents: Tailgating

Many drivers are impatient and reckless. When they drive too close to another car, they cannot react in time if the car in front of them brakes suddenly. 439 more words


Please, learn to drive ...

Let me start by saying, I get it, no really, I do. You’re driving down the freeway and 65 miles per hour just feels so slow. 647 more words

Unpopular Opinion

The Man With The Golden Blog

If you are reading this, it means they found me. I don’t know how, but they found me. In fact, I’m not even sure who ‘they’ are. 1,734 more words