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The Brexit’s One Bright Spot: More Chinese gentlemen getting bespoke suits in London

A volatile stock market, downgraded credit rating, and plunging pound may be some of the economic woes plaguing the UK after the Brexit vote, but there is one thing that seems set to go up in the near future: Chinese tourist numbers. 462 more words

Nigerians, you are your own enemy of progress!!!

I hate that I have to write this post, but this is part of what this blog is all about.

Let me tell you about my experience with a very popular aso oke  woman, she makes all kinds of aso-oke, aso-ebi and beads she is the go to person for aso oke in Nigeria based in Lekki to be precise, you can figure out who yourself. 604 more words

The Shape of Things

Most of us obsess about body image – especially around the New Year resolution time of the year.  I can’t say that I ever really gave it a lot of thought although some of you might argue that I probably should have. 531 more words


Tailoring in Dakar

For those of you who know me, I like clothes and some people believe I have a good eye for styles that suit me. I like to believe them… 588 more words

Day To Day

How to choose a tailor

Hello beautiful people,

Today’s post is on a very controversial topic and a question I get regularly as a fabric vendor from clients. Getting a good tailor or fashion designer seems like hardwork especially in Lagos and when you get a good tailor,so many times they are not so affordable especially at this time in Nigeria. 520 more words


Miniature Golf at Tailor's Shop - 1930

Miniature Golf at Tailor’s Shop – 1930

Classic image of men playing miniature golf at tailor’s shop while waiting for their suits.© Bettmann/Corbis photoEach exhibition-quality print meets the highest photographic standards and is individually created with the finest ink…

6 Rules for a Perfectly Tailored Suit.

Because there are few things worse than a bad one.

Putting on a great suit is transformative. Your shoulders are broadened; your lines, longer and leaner; your waist, that much trimmer. 713 more words