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The Mere Tide P52

The tailor’s-Measurements-Second Hand Shopping-A complaint about names-The supremacy of imperfection

The din was petering out fast as it started and by the time the pilot ducked under the lintel it had ceased altogether into a tensive observation of the participants for any violation whereby it would all erupt again. 3,169 more words

The Mere Tide

Tailors in Bangkok Can Make Your Life Better

                                   THE PEOPLES CHOICE

Everybody has their own inclinations with regards to garments, there’s no mystery there. However, in the event that you have ever asked why a few people dependably appear to have garments “that simply fit” and embrace their bodies??

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Best Tailor In Bangkok

FASHION|| Before you give your tailor that cloth!

I knew the title would be attractive enough to get you here, lol.

Welcome back to my blog. April has been eventful and May too. 997 more words


A Lost Trade

Originally published in print. The Philippine Star 12 May 2018

copy of the piece in the link below:


The Vallake Guide - A hard day's parallax

As mentioned in my last post, I spent today making the parallax effect on four pieces of art!

My progress

Some of my progress can not be shown, because a lot of my time was spent on the tomb parallax today. 534 more words

The Vallake Guide - Synoptic Project

The Vallake Guide: Tailor's shop - More environment detail, and let there be light!

This week has been a productive one, and so I am happy to show my progress! I have almost full recovered from my ailment, so this much progress feels insane. 528 more words

Concept Art

The Vallake Guide: Tailor's shop - Corona

So since I last wrote, I have been working on the Tailor’s scene art just so that I have something to do.

Individual progress

For the sake of having more things to animate, I have made significant progress on the tailor’s shop art. 310 more words

Concept Art