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Black Thanksgiving 

When did the Thanksgiving holiday become one of the biggest shopping days of the year? Don’t get me wrong, I love saving money, I love 150 dollar 96 inch television sets. 228 more words


Hateful, vengeful, spiteful;

Leave what is mine alone,
Let things be as status quo;

Don’t tarnish what belongs to me,
Shun away from tainting it; 29 more words

The Jade Tea Ceremony

The thrush observed Goemon Asahina as he stirred his tea for the third time and left the whisk on top of a beautifully patterned piece of silk. 537 more words

Flint's poisonous water causes bloody bacterial disease

“The tainted water crisis in Flint, MI., has gone from monumentally bad – to monumentally worse. CNN is reporting that health officials have discovered an infectious bacterial disease known as Shigellosis… … 51 more words



Updated and reprinted here for 5e from 3e – though its mostly for my players reference.  Still a work in progress as not sure ability damage is the best way to go for the Taint but its otherwise done. 3,137 more words



Looking at the options in the DMG both the Necromancer and Oath Breaker fit perfectly in to Oriental Adventures.  However, that only covers Tainted… 459 more words