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No treatment of Oriental Adventures would be complete without some mobs in the mix.  Here is an overview of PHB mobs and some animal suggestions.  To add a bit more uniqueness to the the mix I recommend you use… 2,106 more words


Try to find the light to reveal your
Pace the way you move or you might
Taint the forgettable as it wasn’t worth the
Rhyme like you can but don’t worry I’m not very good

Pirate Prep

Pirate Prep
Slow reveal behind the mask
But there’s no dick pics
No matter how politely you ask
I’m gonna keep something for me
Reality to keep up with illusion… 33 more words


Can you insure for smoke taint

If your vineyard has not been burnt but has been exposed to smoke from neighbouring fires or burns there is a chance that vines and grapes may be affected by smoke. 331 more words

Brutal, Colossal, and Violent: Three New Vinyl Re-issues From Vidna Obmana, Taint, and Bizarre Uproar

Some killer tapes originally released in nineteen-eighty-five, nineteen-ninety-three and in two-thousand and eight. These three vinyl releases are reissued on black vinyl with black labels and black inner sleeves and come in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve. 412 more words


All Those Cunning Plans...

Some are beset with a whole host of cunning plans, a navy of strategies and an army of bright ideas. It turns them on to be somehow scheming in one way or another. 451 more words

Self Discovery

"Vaccines kill defenseless [Chinese] children... it's happening around the world"

“Americans and the Chinese people have another thing in common besides a big economy – vaccine violence.

As reported by the BBC, parents in China are extremely angry after learning about a massive illegal vaccine operation in Shangdong province. 55 more words