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A Fabulous Trip to Sun "HOON" Lake

On December 27th we welcomed our second visit from the ranks of our friends in America. The Hoon family, Zack & Jayne and their sons Clay & Carter arrived for a week-long adventure. 1,093 more words

SEE TAIPEI: TAIPEI 101 Observatory

I bent my head back to get a view of TAIPEI 101, and I was surprised to find myself thinking that the 509-meter giant didn’t look that impressive to the 160-centimeter me. 488 more words

See Taipei

Nature, Man, Sky, and Land

A crossing of lights, natural and artificial.

A meeting of the soft and the hard.

An intersection of nature and man, of sky and land.


Hiking up Elephant Mountain

Hello ;)

The next day started similar to the day before. Since we wanted to go hiking (up Elephant Mountain) in the evening we decided to get a big brunch and then buy something small for the hike. 444 more words

Taipei 101 on a Rainy Day

There is no way you can miss Taipei 101 in Taiwan. It’s the tallest building in Taiwan, and nothing comes close in Taipei. To me Taipei 101 sticks out like a sore thumb, or I guess looks like one big stalk of bamboo. 1,238 more words


Taipei 101 & Yehliu

March 14, 2014

This was the last full day I was going to get to spend with my dad and my sister before they flew back to America. 863 more words

Taipei Adventures and the tallest “green” building of the world

Hello :)

So after a horrible night (I was hot, It was loud) of not sleeping much we went to see the Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan (once in the world, before Dubai decided to build another, taller building) and according to the signs we saw the tallest Eco-friendly building in the world. 966 more words