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The Beautiful Island: Taiwan

I was so joyous that I could hardly notice the cold. It was wintertime when we visited Taiwan and there was this chill in the breeze that made me feel air’s tight clasp. 1,130 more words


Things to do in TAIPEI

When you hear the word Taipei or Taiwan, the first thing that comes to peoples mind are either the once tallest building in the world TAIPEI 101 or the famous early 2000’s Taiwanese boy band F4. 240 more words


#TaiWan4U (Taiwan 2018)

I’ve always wanted to put that pun somewhere so I’ve decided to put it here as my blog title. If you’ve noticed, this is my 3rd blog post because I’ve waited for this day to come. 1,398 more words


Amazing Year Day 37: Ba Ba Red Meat

If you’ve lived in Taiwan as an outsider (expat, foreigner, whatever we’re called these days) for more than an hour, then you’ve tasted or heart of the glory of… 79 more words

Amazing Year

Tripping the Lights Fantastic in Taipei

There are some cities that ‘come alive at night’ and Taipei, Taiwan is one of them. Fittingly, the city is famous for its night markets where street vendors vigorously hawk their wares and serve up delectable… 462 more words

Big Cities On My Bucket List

An ode to Taipei 101 ... [Taiwan]

I am big fan of tall buildings. So far, I have covered World Trade center (New York, during 2001 June :-( Sniff …), Empire State Building, Sears/Willis Tower, Petronas Towers, 2 IFC, Burj Khalifa Etc. 172 more words


Travel Journals: Taipei 101

Let’s talk about Taiwan.

I spent the last few weeks telling you all about my (terrible) time in Paris, so let’s change gears a little here. 630 more words