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【台北地景】庇護所 • Re-imaging TFAM

繼x-site之後,北美館又在廣場上秀出大型裝置了!原來北美館為了讓館藏有更好的環境,正在進行”微型美容”,然後邀請大家做一場”美術館的再想像”的夢。在美容的修養期間,為了不讓藝術活動中斷(打卡人生中斷),很有誠意地邀請王文志在廣場上編織了一個大型創作”庇護所”(Sanctuary),提供了以藝術為養分(以打卡為職志)而活的人們,一處仍得持續吸取營養(持續打卡炫耀)的庇護場所。當然,北美館也不會把庇護所放著就拍屁股走人,這期間也會以庇護所為場域持續舉辦活動,刷新記憶讓大家不要忘了北美館,也持續讓少男少女刷新IG版面。 12 more words



This is a memorial hall for a man named Sun Yat-sen who is seen as the founder of the Republic of China. The founding of the Republic of China was in 1911. 358 more words


Travelogue: Day 3 in Taipei (18 January 2017)

The final day in Taipei on 18 January 2017,

After we had our hotel check out at noon, immediately we went to board the MRT…

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Travelogue: Day 2 in Taipei (17 January 2017)

It was the second day in Taipei on 17 January 2017,

We decided to wake up early to try out the hotel’s breakfast. It was 9am, but there were still foods to choose from during the breakfast buffet.

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The Driving Standards In Taiwan Need To Improve

In any city, driving safely and responsibly should always, always be an obvious requirement. I wanted to focus this article specifically on Taipei, because recently a very close person near and dear to my heart was nearly killed by a driver in Taipei after being hit. 503 more words

Daily Thoughts

Beitou Hot Springs

Beitou is a small part of Taipei situated near Yangmingshan Mountain. It is a long narrow park in a volcanic valley with its natural sulfur hot springs. 25 more words


Travelogue: Day 1 in Taipei (16 January 2017)

Carry on from Taichung on 16 January 2017,

By the time we reached Taipei, it was in the afternoon before 4pm. The journey from…

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