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Pot Plant Milk Tea

Water. Food. Internet. School.
This has been my life for a very long time.
I’m going to be making some life plans and solid changes in my life… 69 more words


'Wow, Pulled Back the Wrong Side Throttle'

Official report confirms that the crash that left 43 people dead was caused by an engine malfunctioning and a pilot mistakenly shutting down the other…

390 more words


All Day Roasting Company (tpe)

I wasn’t planning to write about All Day Roasting Company (ADRC), but then, I was 摸魚ing “practicing” my 閱讀 on fb, so I might as well have something to show for it. 452 more words


Wendy’s July Founder’s Note: Living For Me



When you live a nomadic life for years, the idea of settling down in one place becomes unbelievably daunting.

Ever since a few years ago, I’d scroll through social media, baby photos and wedding snapshots began to seize my feeds. 1,054 more words


What I Would Miss If I ABSOLUTELY Had to Leave Taiwan Now

I’d been waitlisted for the Huayu Enrchment Scholarship (HES) and if someone had dropped their acceptance, I was told I’d still have a chance of getting it by June 30. 680 more words

Couple of set meals at 勝博殿, mmmmmmmm fried pork in both curry...

Couple of set meals at 勝博殿, mmmmmmmm fried pork in both curry and tonkatsu sauces.

confessions of a cubicle dweller

Hi. My name is Shalaka, and I am a cubicle dweller

“Hi Shalaka”

This cubicle-dwelling is a strange affliction, oft unnoticed til too late. Thought I’d do you all a favor, and help you discover it in its early stages. 458 more words