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FILM: Legend of the T-Dog 命運狗不理

Film: Legend of the T-Dog
Director: Li Tian-chueh 李天爵
Performers: Wang Po-chieh 王柏傑, Lin Ruoya 霖若亞, Blackberry 黑莓 (T-Dog)
Animal trainer: Chen Ying-jie 陳英傑
Breed featured: Taiwan tugou, Formosan Mountain Dog, Golden Retriever (brief), French Bulldog (brief) 997 more words


PHOTOS: Taiwan dogs of the Japanese resistance, early 1900s

As I was mining the archives in Taiwan, I always kept my eyes open for canine sightings. The difficult and wondrous thing about dogs is how ubiquitous they are, yet unindexed. 907 more words

Digging In The Libraries

Sightings: Taiwan dogs, north and south

Just a few photo remnants from the tail end of my Taiwan journey.

Two from Tainan, southern Taiwan:

And two from Taipei, where it drizzled continuously until the day I left, in Sanchong…

… and in Nangang.


Sightings: Milk Tea and Latte at the SpaceTime Cafe

Down by the Breeze Center, I was passing the time before a movie at the Space Time Cafe. It felt a bit like walking into an American vintage and resale shop… with cafe dogs! 262 more words


FILM: Twelve Nights 十二夜, documentary on Taiwan shelter dogs

Film: Twelve Nights
Director: Raye
Producer: Giddens Ko 九把刀, Sophia Sui 隋棠
Cinematographer: ZHOU Yi-hsien 周宜賢
Performers: Dogs at an unnamed shelter in Taiwan
Breeds featured: Taiwan dogs, Shiba Inu, German Shepherd, Basset Hound… 2,158 more words


Sighting: Another Corgi at Pillow Cafe

I promise this is not turning into a Corgi blog. These are just very popular dogs in Taiwan. And yes, I’m still in Taiwan.

Anyway, here’s a quick hit-and-run update to sing the praises of Pillow Cafe, currently one of my top five favorite Taipei cafes (a list which gets rearranged every week, it seems). 281 more words


Sighting: Cafe Corgi at Atlantis Coffee

Tucked away in a quiet alley behind the Brother Hotel 兄弟飯店, off Nanjing East Road 南京東路, you’ll find this hideaway coffeeshop:

The two head silhouettes on their sign are somewhat mysterious. 220 more words