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China will "take off the gloves" if Donald Trump continues to provoke Beijing -- "One China" principle is the precondition and political basis for any country having relations with China.


By Christian Shepherd | BEIJING

China will “take off the gloves” and take strong action if U.S. President-elect Donald Trump continues to provoke Beijing over Taiwan once he assumes office, two leading state-run newspapers said on Monday. 601 more words

Cadence Column: Asia, January 16, 2017

China had so much going for it. Billions of US dollars had gone across the Pacific. The Olympics went to Beijing, where the world watched a one-hour history introduction about China leading into one world with one dream. 280 more words


Shooting with a Bow and Arrows on Taiwan's East Coast

Well, I’ve arrived in a small village on Taiwan’s southeast coast. This is one of my research sites (yes, I’m here to do anthropological work in addition to eating amazing food and admiring cats and flowers!) It’s absolutely beautiful here. 254 more words


China Blasts Trump

Drew Angerer—Getty Images


China’s state-run media has described the U.S. President-elect’s suggested use of Taiwan as a bargaining chip as “despicable,” and warned Donald Trump that “Beijing will have no choice but to take off the gloves” if he continues his present course… 68 more words

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New Year in Kenting

Just like Christmas, the past few New Years Eves around the world have given me a lot of new experiences.

Two years ago I was… 1,669 more words


Du lịch Đài Loan Phần 2 - Thơ mộng làng cổ Jiufen, Shifen


Trên mạng có những bài báo ví Shifen như một thác nước được mệnh danh là Niagara phiên bản châu Á khiến mình những tưởng thác hùng vĩ lắm, sau khi cuốc bộ 2km trong thời tiết nắng nóng, chiêm ngưỡng thác Shifen khiến mình hơi thất vọng chút xíu vì không được hoành tráng như tưởng tượng. 1,541 more words


Taipei Railroad Station



Next time when you take the regular train or high speed rail from the Taipei Station, check it out. 133 more words