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Spent some precious time with mom and her scooter.

Spent some time with my cute little twin nieces. The are angels….


A Lot of Gay Men in Pink

I finally did Pink Dot!  Last year, I missed out on almost all the major gay events nearby which was annoying because there really aren’t a lot of them around Asia.   339 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: _truth_b_told_

If you’re looking into a problems! Look at the root cause of it. This doesn’t happened overnight. I’m talking about the ongoing migrant issue of Rohingya! 213 more words



Quick drawings. mosquito bites, and finally sunny in Taipei!


Lessons in gratitude, moderation, and duck's blood

I had a long and contrived travel post I had typed up about the beautiful Bitan bridge, our first true sightseeing adventure this past weekend. But couldn’t bring myself to complete it: a sure sign that no one was going to want to read it. 700 more words

I was on Lang-8 (again)

What do you think of my corrections?
I think I did a pretty good job
the heat really is a problem
More than 700 hundred people died of the heat in India a few days ago… 17 more words


Gormley: Courage needed when facing overbearing Chinese government

TAIPEI — Huang Shou-ta had a lot on his mind the day he jumped on his scooter, held a box of smoke bombs between his feet, raced through the streets of Taipei, pulled up to Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, scaled the iron fence and, along with 200 other people, took the building, but his main concern was this: “If Taiwan allows a trade pact to pass with China, then we will be looked down upon by the whole world. 546 more words