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Same-sex marriage - the Constitution supersedes majority rule

The Constitution supersedes majority rule. This might sound strange in a democracy but it is true. A constitution is intended to enshrine fundamental rights which are natural and expected among the people governed by it. 802 more words

Shifen - Houtong - Jiufen

3 ngôi làng nhỏ nằm ở phía đông bắc đảo Đài Loan. Mỗi nơi một khung cảnh, một dáng vẻ. Một Shifen người và tàu hỏa thay nhau chạy trên đường ray cũ, thả những đèn lồng mang cả niềm tin và ước mơ lên trời cao. 3,127 more words


Day 14.  Paper Lanterns in Pingxi and Shifen 

Our plan for today was to travel by train to the small countryside towns of Pingxi and Shifen.  Getting there by public transport was quite easy, taking the MRT to Songshan Railway Station from where we caught a mainline train to Ruifang taking 46 minutes (its 34 minutes on the Express train but as the Regional service was due to depart when we arrived there was little point waiting for the faster service). 926 more words


【Taiwan】Why has “SHISEIDO” been popular for 60 years in Taiwan?

Hi! I’m Chianing, a Taiwanese correspondent of ASIACLICK.

Products of “SHISEIDO” are sold across 120 countries and areas. At first, it entered into the Taiwanese market to start a full-scale expansion overseas, and it has been just 60 years since then! 510 more words


Как же мы познакомились

Мы познакомились на Тайване, весной 2012 года. Я в тот момент была на последнем курсе института, а Тед приехал над год по программе обмена.
Забавно, но прожив почти 4 года на Тайване, я сделала крайне удручающие выводы об азиатских мальчиках в лице тайваньцев (или мне просто фатально не везло все эти годы).


Taipei Taiwan The Formosa Island

Taipei, Mei 2014

Perjalanan saya ke Taiwan merupakan solo trip saya yang ke 3, dan jika dihitung sudah 3 tahun yang lalu, saya baru sadar bahwa saya belum buat cerita tentang perjalanan saya ke Taipei sebuah kota rasa Asia yang begitu bersih, indah dan modern sehingga menjadikan kota ini begitu berkesan di hati saya. 2,908 more words