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Ramen Journey Preface 第零話・ラーメン人生の始まり 第零章・挑戰日式拉麵

*Start reading from after chapter 1 if you want to skip all the Taiwanese food porn.

So…here I am finally, at the starting line of one of my biggest life goals – to conquer all the ramen restaurants/parlors/stands in Japan and worldwide. 283 more words

Exotic Culture

Three generations of Taiwanese-American Angelenas shaped by the Chinese White Terror on Taiwan

“Scaring people into saying nothing in public that could be construed as critical of the armed forces…is more than the production of silence. It is silencing, which is quite different. 1,223 more words

Stephen O. Murray

"Green Island" by Shawna Yang Ryan

Less than one percent of Shawna Yang Ryan’s new novel Green Island is set on the very ungreen island off the east coast of Taiwan where political prisoners were incarcerated. 905 more words

Stephen O. Murray

Of Corporate Social Responsibilities

Triketora, in the gilded monuments
Of our choices to do good in this world
How shall a Pinterest princess live
For utility, or craft, or boards that dance alive… 122 more words


How do people react when Chinese-learners speak to them in Chinese?

Since coming to Yale, many Chinese-learners have tried to speak Chinese to me, and it always made me feel awkward. For me, language is a means to an end, so if we’re both most fluent in English, why not just speak in it? 1,001 more words


Happy Chinese New Year!

The season of red envelopes, ancestral offerings, and this year, monkeys. Growing up, my favorite part of Chinese New Year was the red envelopes, which usually contained a crisp twenty dollar bill. 702 more words


Famous Taiwanese American jurists or lawyers

I asked a couple of my Taiwanese American lawyer friends a few months ago whether they can name any famous American jurists or lawyers of Taiwanese descent. 155 more words