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“Home Sweet Home” ep34~ Yan Xi:”Marry me!”

Lucky revealed Kelly who he really is and that he likes her. Lucky is the son of a rich family. His family and Kelly’s family wanted them to get married, but because they didn’t know each other, Lucky started working as Kelly’s assistant. 363 more words

“Between” ep5~ Cheng Kai:”Why is her smile scarier than her anger?”

Cheng Kai takes Xiao Qing home. He left her alone for a moment because both of them were embarrassed and when he returned Xiao Qing was attacked by a pervert. 712 more words


“Between” ep4~ Zhao Xuan:”He’s your problem for now.”

Xiao Qing has to prepare a presentation for a new project. She worked hard and did a good job. But she worked alone and that was a reason for Cheng Kai to reject the proposal. 1,190 more words

Ying De University

I still remember the hype that the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden brought to the Philippines. I was in high school and adolescent years couldn’t be more perfect. 757 more words


HIStory 2: Right or Wrong

HIStory 2: Right or Wrong

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Right or Wrong was the first 8-episode Taiwanese drama in the second season of the HIStory series, which is a series that focuses on men falling in love and are in the boys love genre. 1,399 more words


“Between” ep3~ Xiao Qing:”You are forcing me to take the blame.”

Xiao Qing’s new landlord and roommate moved in. He is Zhi Jun and recognized Xiao Qing. Because of Xiao Qing, Zhi Jun’s camera was ruined. During work days, Xiao Qing is getting better. 632 more words

BL Review: HIStory 2: Boundary Crossing

The 2018 Taiwanese drama is also known as HIStory 2: Crossing the Line. I started the show this morning and was immediately hooked. There are 8 episodes and I just finished the show, haha. 823 more words