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“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 13 ~ “A city with vision begins with a family “with love”. “

Yan Hao and Jia An were forced to stay at the countryside. Shao Qing follows them around and takes pictures with them to show everyone that Jia An is interfering between Yan Hao and Shao Qing. 1,515 more words

Taiwanese Drama

November Dramas 2015

I finished She Was Pretty and I have to say it was an awesome drama! It was my favorite one this fall. It has twists and turns and I have to say was pretty fulfilling. 837 more words


Sometimes I do crave a cheesy, cracky Asian Drama

It has been a long while since I’ve watched a Taiwanese drama, or any non-animated TV series for that matter. Nothing had managed to grab me. 871 more words

“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 11 ~ Hong Pei:”Only one person can exist in this body. “

Shu Hai and Hong Pei try to find ways for Hong Pei to return to his own body. They have some ideas, but Shu Hai isn’t sure that it will work yet. 818 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 12 ~ Yan Hao:”Let’s get married!”

Mei Mei and Yan Ran join forces to eliminate Shao Qing and make Yan Hao and Jia An get back together. Mei Mei made Jia An cook for Yan Hao and took the food to Yan Hao and Shao Qing’s house. 1,469 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 11 ~ “Marriage is a lifetime commitment!”

I’m honestly beginning to think that the most pitiful character in this drama is Yan Hao. He tried to make Jia An happy, even if it didn’t work out well. 1,375 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 10 ~ Shu Hai:”You are still alive! "

The truth came out and everyone found out that Hong Pei is still kept alive in a vegetative state at the hospital. When she found out, Si Yi got angry with Jian Hao. 810 more words

Taiwanese Drama