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“Swimming Battle” ep 15~ Yu Die:”I couldn’t save her! "

Yu Die recovered her lost memories and remembered the day her mother died to save her. She doesn’t react, all Yu Die does is cry, scream, blame and hit herself for her mother’s death. 848 more words

Taiwanese Drama

ISWAK remake Miss in Kiss releases a trailer in advance of Dec. 8 premier

First things first, what used to be known as “It a Kiss” has now been renamed Miss in Kiss. I can’t tell if it was supposed to be punny ( 89 more words

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A Good Day 美好年代

I’m not going to lie, A Good Day (美好年代) is slow to start and the characters can be obnoxious at times. And the title should be change to “Tomboy and her four guy friends and her extraordinary bad luck with mobile phones.” But the show grew on me, and now I miss my Little BS Tigers, which consisted of tomboy Wen Xiaoquang, jock Jiang Xinyuan, contraband dealer Wu Boqi, and introvert Gu Junpeng. 784 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Prince Of Wolf” ep 15 ~ Zhe Ming:”Tian Mimi, are you willing to marry me?”

Hao Wei found all the bad things his father did for him, including that Qi Hong abandoned little Zhe Ming on Wolf Mountain. Disappointed and hurt, Hao Wei decided to give up being his grandfather’s successor thinking that like Qi Hong won’t have any reason to hurt Zhe Ming anymore. 1,132 more words

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30 Days Asian Drama Challenge Day 27: Name an underrated Drama? Mean Girl Ah Chu

30 Days Asian Drama Challenge

Day 27: Name an underrated Drama?

Mean Girl Ah Chu

This show is a little old but i still remember it somehow. 16 more words

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Drama Starter Kit: Helpful Tips and Resources

Eight years ago I watched a South Korean drama called Pure in Heart for the first time. It was playing late at night on one of the local broadcasting stations in my hometown, and featured Ku Hye Sun, of Boys Over Flowers fame, as the lead actress. 258 more words


“Prince Of Wolf” ep 14 ~ Shu Pei:”I like you!”

Zhe Ming sees Hao Wei confessing to Mimi. Because Mimi hugged Hao Wei, Zhe Ming thought the Mimi accepted Hao Wei’s confession. The night he confessed to Mimi, Hao Wei found out about Mimi’s health condition and the picture Mimi received when he left Zhe Ming. 1,026 more words

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