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Back to 1989

A young successful young man has always felt something missing in his life because he never knew his father. At 26, Chen Che (Marcus Chang) is already a successful assistant manager for an investment trust. 92 more words


“Back to 1989” ep 13 ~ Chen Che:”I can go back the same way I arrived, right?”

Jin Qin asked his friends to help him prepare a surprise for Ya Juan and everyone helped him. At the party, Jin Qin proposed to Ya Juan. 831 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Refresh Man” ep 8 ~ Yu Tang:”A pawn can eat a king.”

Yu Tang found a way to promote better the Mei Mei products. Together with her team, Yu Tang prepared a presentation at which Wen Kai invited the successor of Shinway, the company they want to collaborate from now on regarding that product. 1,013 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Back to 1989” ep 12 ~ Chen Che:”I don’t know who my dad is.”

Ya Juan’s mother does everything she can to separate her daughter and Jin Qin. But the same time Chen Che, Zhen Zhen and professor Chen do everything they can to help Ya Juan and Jin Qin to find their own happiness. 1,104 more words

Taiwanese Drama


Meteor garden is one of the recent dramas I watched when it was released in 2001 way before Hana yori dango and Boys over flowers were made. 1,035 more words


“Refresh Man” ep 7 ~ Ai Sha:”Do you like Yu Tang?”

Without knowing that Wen Kai helped her from behind, Yu Tang signed the contract with YOURS. To celebrate that the contract was signed, Wen Kai offered to take sales team 3 to eat. 984 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Murphy's Law of Love (TDrama)

This is a Taiwanese drama and the female lead is Li Ivelyn and the male lead is Tang Danson! This romantic comedy is one of the drama that I have high hopes. 197 more words

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