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“Behind Your Smile”ep 13 ~Xiao Yue:”Zhao Yi Ting, you’re an idiot!”

Yi Ting can’t stop thinking about Xiao Mao and Xiao Yue’s words. They both told him that if he won’t tell the truth to Xin Yu soon, he will lose her. 1,692 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Found Something Great in TW's In A Good Way

In A Good Way came highly recommended by an Asian drama blogger.  Ordinarily I do not really depend on reviews when looking for any drama series but after reading most of the blogger’s reviews on some of them I realized we almost share the same sentiments.   554 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Drama Roulette: Prince of Wolf ep. 1 Review

Hey Everybody :D Hope you are having a fantastic day today!I got a new post for y’all. Gonna be doing some drama talk. More specifically, some Taiwanese drama talk. 553 more words

“Behind Your Smile”ep 12 ~Xin Yu:”Zhao Yi Ting, I like you!”

With Zhong Wen’s help, Lin Man returned to Taiwan. Zhong Wen also came to help Lin Man seek revenge on the person that ruined her life and made her a runaway. 1,508 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Refresh Man (2016); thoughts and feels

I’m a year late watching this drama along with Aaron Yan’s hiatus and issues that was encountered because of this drama, but as the saying goes better late than never. 904 more words


Watch Back to 1989

Hello there people of the Internets. I am here to bring to you a new recommendation that comes in the form of a Taiwanese drama. That drama being… 585 more words


“Behind Your Smile”ep 11 ~Yi Ting:”I can have this small happiness…until Lin Man appears. “

Xin Yu prepares food for Yi Ting and bring it to him. It’s not tasty or looking good, but Yi Ting eats it happily. The night before Xin Yu’s birthday, Yi Ting took her out for dinner and wanted to confess, but Xin Yu run away. 1,315 more words

Taiwanese Drama