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“Prince Of Wolf” ep 10 ~ Zhe Ming:”Mom, don’t leave me behind anymore!”

Everyone looks at Zhe Ming different. They think Zhe Ming is violent so he took wolf dad and returned to the Wolf Mountain. Shu Pei goes to Mimi to see if Mimi knows something about where Zhe Ming is and he finds out from Mimi that Zhe Ming got lost as a child and was raised by wolf mom and wolf dad on Wolf Mountain. 1,077 more words

Taiwanese Drama

30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 16: Your Favorite Actress?

My favorite actress is Puff Kuo. She’s a Taiwanese actress and I’ve seen her popular dramas like Pleasantly Surprised and Just You, which is the drama that introduced me to her. 109 more words


Just Dropped: Prince of Wolf

In the beginning, Bel and me (and my kiddo A, too!) were excited to start Prince of Wolf. The sort of Tarzan-like story got us intrigued. 230 more words


Zhong Ji Series 終極系列 Part 5

Rumor has it (Mico Production posted a recruitment listing on Weibo), a sequel to K.O.3an Guo (終極三國) is in the works. Though I had an inkling of it while watching… 230 more words

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“Prince Of Wolf” ep 9 ~ Qi Hong:”One kingdom can’t have two princes.”

Zhe Ming found out that Mandy’s son got lost on Wolf Mountain and get suspicious that it could be him. But when he sees Mimi, Zhe Ming realizes that he already has the family he wants and doesn’t need anything else.  1,157 more words

Taiwanese Drama

30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 14: What Drama Are You Currently Watching?

I have three dramas that I’m currently watching and are on hold because I have so much homework. :(

Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016) 228 more words


“Prince Of Wolf” ep 8 ~ Wolf:”I don’t need a new family.”

Hao Wei is shocked by the news that he is Qi Hong’s son. Mimi and Zhe Ming went after him and consoled him as best as they could. 824 more words

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