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Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 6

I had my eyes on one suspect since episode 3. Then, in the last episode they did something that made me doubt my choice. Even as denials flow out of their mouths, I was thinking, “Oh no, maybe it was her.” … 635 more words

Taiwanese Drama

The Perfect Match || Ep 1 Overview

It has been a long time since I wrote a post for this blog and if you are one of the rare people who likes my posts, I’m so sorry for being AWOL!!! 1,328 more words


Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark 天黑請閉眼 Part 5

One would think, they will be safe once the police shows up. Killer will get arrested and everybody goes home happy. If only…

While the police did correctly identified Bai Xinyi’s killer, he fell for the same misdirection as our group when it came to the other killer. 386 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Behind Your Smile”ep 18 ~Yi Ting:”I really miss your smile when you still believed in everything.”

Yi Ting can’t hurt Xin Yu anymore so he returned the evidence USB to Lin Man and let Lin Man decide what to do with it. 1,391 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Do you like Romance?

If you do then I think you are doing yourself a big disservice if you haven’t checked out at least a couple of Asian Dramas. Primarily Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese. 973 more words


“Behind Your Smile”ep 17 ~Yi Ting:”If you keep moving around I’ll kiss you.”

Yi Ting and Xin Yu begin working together to make chairman Tang pay for ruining their lives, their families. So for that they start spending time together and Xiao Mao makes sure to bring them as close as possible. 1,454 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Behind Your Smile”ep 16 ~Yi Tin:”I won’t let anyone hurt you because only I can hurt you.”

Xin Yu found uncle Qing’s daughter and together went to see Lin Man. But when she returned home, Xin Yu found out that Xiao Yue, the only person she could trust at the moment, is Yi Ting’s spy. 1,209 more words

Taiwanese Drama