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Refresh Man (2016) Taiwanese Drama

Zhong Yu Tang is an accomplished secretary at Tian Xi Corporation and her goal is to get promoted and become the head secretary there. On the day she is hoping to be promoted she is put to the test by the new CEO Jie Wen Kai. 824 more words


“Home Sweet Home” ep31~ Kelly:”I want to marry Yi Yang.”

Wen Xin returned from her trip. Her first stop was Yan Xi’s office where she knew Yan Xi will be. She made a decision regarding his feelings and is ready to give him and answer, but Yan Xi fell asleep. 400 more words

“Home Sweet Home” ep30~ Yan Xi:”Let’s go home together.”

Yan Xi keeps living at his office. He refuses to go home, but Xiao Li brings him food and clothes there. When Yan Xi is ready and put his thoughts in order, he returned home. 578 more words

“Home Sweet Home” ep29~ Yi Yang:”Your mother is incapable of being happy, so she has to drag everyone else down to her level.”

After what Kelly’s mother said, Yan Xi left the house. Yi Yang followed him to be by Yan Xi’s side. Yan Xi is upset with Yuan Fu and Xiao Li. 562 more words

“Home Sweet Home” ep28~ Yuan Fu:”Yan Xi, please don’t leave this family.”

Lucky brought Kelly to eat with Yi Yang and his family. He ins’t please and had asked Kelly to cancel that visit, but Kelly refused. She is too happy to be there with Yi Yang’s family. 799 more words

“Home Sweet Home” ep27~ Yan Xi:”I want to look at the same scenery with you some day.”

Wen Xin put order into her feelings and broke up with Bryan. Now she has to finish one more thing before starting a new life. So Wen Xin packed her luggage and announced her friends and new family that she will leave. 463 more words

Bel Ami also known as Pretty Man (2013) Korean drama

The journey of a young man who believes he can conquer the world with his face. Any woman who sets eyes on him finds it hard to resist him. 268 more words