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Mixed feelings for Inborn Pair 😕

Inborn Pair is a Taiwanese drama that I happened upon while looking up Chris Wu’s drama available on Viki. Plot sounded interesting so I started watching, but around episode 10 I realized that it was an 84 episode drama. 882 more words


Happy 5th, My Myooz!

I have been too busy with work and life and was completely forgotten that this blog turned 5 years yesterday!!!! How could I do this to myself? 45 more words


Weekly Special #4: Fifteen K-Dramas that Could Survive an American Remake

Over the years I’ve heard some rumors regarding Korean Dramas getting remade here in the US. Some of the dramas that’ve been mentioned in the past are: … 347 more words

Weekly Special

Taiwanese Drama Review: Love at Seventeen

Wow. This is one of the best dramas to come out of Taiwan in a long while. I watched every single episode and did not skip any scene, something I very rarely do with dramas. 1,946 more words


Drama Wednesday (6)---Favorite Dramas Part Two

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with part two of my favorite dramas. (You can check out part one by clicking here.)

“Moonriver” is a Taiwanese drama that captured my heart is so many ways. 390 more words

On DRAMAFEVER: Love, Timeless

Hey Peeps! ^_^

Today I may have just discovered my newest drama obsession. It comes in the form of a Taiwanese drama by the name of “Love, Timeless.” The drama is currently airing at the moment so there are only 4 episodes available out of a total of 15 planned. 987 more words


Drama | Love Around

It’s very rare that I post anything about a drama before I’m through watching it but this one is thirty-some episodes and I already love it. 235 more words