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“The Crossing Hero ” ep 27 ~ep 28 ~ Final episodes!

When I started this drama it was funny and I liked it, but soon it got boring. The main character, Hong Xiao Dong, played by Jiro Wang, didn’t appear anymore. 884 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“When I See You Again ” ep 9 ~ You Qian:”It looks like our hearts are one.”

Yan Ze confessed to An Xi in order to play the matchmaker. Together with You Qian, Yan Ze made a plan for An Xi to accept her feelings for You Qian. 1,211 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“The Crossing Hero ” ep 25 ~ep 26~Yan Joon:” I really don’t want to hurt you. "

Yan Joon took Mo Han to Black Tuxedo and she is being held hostage there. Xian Ting and Peng Ze suspect Yan Joon of Mo Han’s disappearance, but Xiao Dong defended him. 1,054 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Hi Grandma

This first post of packageless is not being written at home in San Jose, but rather, in Taiwan, as I sit next to my grandmother (or 奶奶, meaning grandma in Mandarin) while watching a Taiwanese drama. 607 more words

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“Murphy’s Law of Love ” ep 19~ Xiao Tong:” I love you!”

The day Jia Wei leaves for Hong Kong, Xiao Tong realizes that she can’t stop loving Jia Wei and runs to tell Jia Wei her feelings. 932 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“The Crossing Hero ” ep 23 ~ep 24 ~ Xiao Tian:” From today onwards, you and I are no longer brothers.”

Xiao Tian is the new leader of the men in black. He met Black Tuxedo and realized that he is master general. Black Tuxedo fooled Xiao Tian and now Xiao Tian works for him. 1,003 more words

Taiwanese Drama

Cola - Tee?

In “Murphy’s Law of Love” ( 莫非,這就是愛情) ein TV Drama aus Taiwan, welches D. und ich uns gerade anschauen, hatte Ji Jia-wei 紀家尉 eine Erkältung. Seine Freundin Guan Xiao-tong 關曉彤 erfuhr durch einen Freund Jia Weis, dass dieser nicht gerne zum Arzt geht. 242 more words