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Expanding My Horizons

To keep me happy, I need a lil’ adventure and romance in K-Drama. Not Mills and Boons style, just enough to leave me clapping my hands at the computer screen. 162 more words


“Prince Of Wolf” ep 13 ~ Shu Pei:”My first love…is now.”

Shu Pei organized Zhe Ming’s birthday and invited all the people that Zhe Ming’s cares for. During the party they’ve played a game and everyone thought that Mimi would chose Zhe Ming, but she didn’t. 555 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Prince Of Wolf” ep 12 ~ Zhe Ming:”Mimi, don’t leave me!”

Zhe Ming works hard to save the bicycle factory. He finds a way to save it and Mimi helps him. The man who can help Zhe Ming save the factory had a son, Xiao Zhi. 908 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Prince Of Wolf” ep 11 ~ Mimi:”In my heart, there’s no you.”

Mimi received an offer to go to America and improve as a photographer. After Qi Hong got between Mimi and Zhe Ming, Mimi left for America without saying a word to Zhe Ming. 879 more words

Taiwanese Drama

“Prince Of Wolf” ep 10 ~ Zhe Ming:”Mom, don’t leave me behind anymore!”

Everyone looks at Zhe Ming different. They think Zhe Ming is violent so he took wolf dad and returned to the Wolf Mountain. Shu Pei goes to Mimi to see if Mimi knows something about where Zhe Ming is and he finds out from Mimi that Zhe Ming got lost as a child and was raised by wolf mom and wolf dad on Wolf Mountain. 1,077 more words

Taiwanese Drama

30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 16: Your Favorite Actress?

My favorite actress is Puff Kuo. She’s a Taiwanese actress and I’ve seen her popular dramas like Pleasantly Surprised and Just You, which is the drama that introduced me to her. 109 more words


Just Dropped: Prince of Wolf

In the beginning, Bel and me (and my kiddo A, too!) were excited to start Prince of Wolf. The sort of Tarzan-like story got us intrigued. 230 more words