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As the full moon draws closer, it’s wedding season in India. We see colourful processions everywhere. The brides and grooms parade through the streets and towns, accompanied by blaring music, beating drums, fireworks and the occasional painted elephant. 637 more words

2015 Touring

A scene from India

As we traveled through the bustling streets of Agra our horse and driver seemed indifferent to all of the activity and the strange smells created by a mixture the rubbish that was often well trampled into the dirt streets, the open sewers or the fact that some people just squatted down to do their business wherever they pleased and the multitude street vendors offering curries , roti breads and a host of other Indian cooking. 261 more words


Taj People 11 : Adoring Parent

A loving and happy look, and who wouldn’t with such a beautiful daughter in such a wonderful place.


Thankful for My Travels in India

Thanksgiving will be here in a couple of days. At this time of year I like to reflect on what I am thankful for. When it comes to my international experiences, I am grateful for the various opportunities that I have had over the years to visit India for academic conferences and travel. 428 more words


Taj People 8 : and the Architecture

People stand, perhaps in awe, and in this view it’s possible to join them in appreciating the scale of that majestic building, even though we can see only a small part of it in this crop. 28 more words


Taj People 6 : Individual Portrait

It’s clear, I’m sure, that I have just asked this beautiful woman if I can take her photograph. What’s not clear is the fact that I was in so much of a fumble to capture her image that the first photo was completely out of focus mainly because I was a little embarrassed at her agreeing, so that I grabbed at the shot before the camera had time to focus. 35 more words