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The Crown of Palaces

When it comes to India we can think mainly of its ancient history, its traditions, the good-hearted Indian people, women’s colourful sari or also shari… 561 more words

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Who the hell wants the Kohinoor?

This entire controversy over bringing back the Kohinoor is something I just cannot understand. What purpose will it serve except provide a grand ego trip for some politicians who have nothing better to do and other misguided souls who believe thumping their chests is more important than thinking about where their next meal is coming from? 709 more words


The Goodness about the Taj Mahal

There is a strange feeling of goodness that strikes my heart every time I visit the Taj Mahal. While most of my friends have complained of the dingy dirty lanes that lead up to this monument of love and the long serpentine queues that snake all its way to the entrance, I have somehow been able to rise above the mundane and managed to remain oblivious to the surroundings. 595 more words

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Agra, India

Today marked our first pre-dawn wake-up call, and first public train experience; of which, over the course of the fortnight ahead, there would be many, many more. 343 more words