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Guardians of a glorious past!

“Hamare to ghar ki chatt se hi dikhta hai Taj Mahal!” declared Mohammad Shoeb (12) proudly. Shoeb, oval face with dark, stern eyes and Ajay-Devgan styled haircut, minded this small shop along with his cousin brother Mohammad Aman (16). 540 more words


An evening at Taj

The stunning white building standing tall at the southern Bank of Yamuna river in Agra is among one of the most celebrated tourist places in India. 850 more words


Agra/Jaipur & Being Black Abroad

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my adventures! SO in an effort to give a more detailed check in, instead of promising myself I’ll do three separate posts while simultaneously working on my 30+ page capstone (#death), I’m just going to do a VERY long post. 3,197 more words

The Taj Mahal is Boring!

Before you track me down, drag me into the streets and beat me to a pulp, hear me out.

Yes, the Taj Mahal is beautiful. 1,123 more words



October 2012, I took a trip back to India with my mom and brother. I spent some time in Delhi, Nainital and Chandigarh. The few days I was in Delhi, I went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal for the first time.



Jahanara: The tragic story of the forgotten Mughal princess

A lot is written in history on Mughal Princess Jahanara but very less is known about her. Call it a tragic irony that various foreign historians have researched on life of this princess, but her story is yet to come in full light to our Indian history readers. 576 more words

Taj Mahal. 4th October 2016

Taj Mahal.
4th October 2016

We were up at 0500hrs to get to the Taj Mahal before sun rise.

Bleary eyed we slumped in our seat’s as the bus trundled through the deserted streets arriving at the West Gate (there are three entrances) in near total darkness. 1,033 more words