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& I must go.

& I must go.

Life’s a roller coaster.
Don’t remain seated.



A huge brand new roller coaster with “the steepest drop in the world at 121°” 116 more words


The Land of My Dream – JAPAN!! (Day 3)

Hari ketiga di Tokyo, gw bangun pagi-pagi karena rencananya kita akan ke Fuji-Q Highland, sebuah taman bermain  yang hits di kaki Gunung Fuji, dan untuk ke sana kita harus naek bis selama 2 jam. 2,244 more words


Fuji Q Highland

Fuji Q Highland is the best theme park near Tokyo, if you’re a roller coaster junkie and judging it purely on the rides. If you’re not, however, this is the wost place on earth. 1,050 more words

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久しぶり~  / long time no see type!
I’ve been here for 5 months already! I’m halfway! So you’re wondering how’s it going? Well, I am doing fine (^.^)/ I feel like the language is finally “loosening” and I can pick up the topic of the convo around the dinner table most times~ The heat here is almost killing me! 518 more words


Best amusement park ever? I think so.

While amusement parks are generally amazing, having a perfect day in one of them can be a rarity. The lines are too long, the heat makes everyone cranky, some kid vomits ice cream on your feet, etc etc. 139 more words


Fuji-Q Highland (Roller Coaster Reviews)

Eejanaika riders tumble head-over-heels into the first drop.

In April 2012 I visited Fuji-Q Highland, a small but packed theme park tucked at the base of Mt. 897 more words



IN Fuji-Q-Highland, Japan…the world’s steepest roller coaster