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On Idols, Dating, and Friday

I can’t even recall the last time I wrote something that was meant to talk about issues outside of music promotions and concerts. Must’ve been ’09 when I hated on everything, to be honest. 931 more words


A Wasted Potential or a Golden Opportunity?

I don’t suppose you guys would mind lending me your ears after a somewhat lengthy absence, would you? I promise it’ll be a fun read! :D  1,176 more words


The End of an Era: Takahashi Ai's Graduation Concert and the Future of Hello! Project UNCENSORED *updated with televised news coverage*

“Pinch me, I’m dreaming. This must be a dream. A bad dream. It just has to be.”

Remember how we were all thinking that earlier this year when… 7,016 more words


The Dawn of a New Age in Musume?

Hopefully some of ya’ll were wondering when I would get around to providing commentary on this epic release. I offered myself a day to spaz my little heart out, simply to ensure that I could comment accordingly and with as much control as possible. 2,217 more words