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This post covers the radical for winter (text only),

I reviewed some of the kanji in the index. Technically, I missed 降る (precipitation) but I remembered all of the pieces, I just missed a stroke in the radical for winter 冬 (夂). 254 more words


Hawaii Congressman requests federal funding for local road projects

Hawaii Congressman Mark Takai is looking to give some of Oahu’s road projects a financial lift.

He’s proposing using federal funds to help supplement state road projects, like those on Farrington Highway in Waipahu and on Kamehameha Highway in Aiea and Pearl City. 125 more words


Lesson 18. Turning Kawaii Desu Ne into the Casual Form

Kawaii desu ne -> Kawaii ne

In the casual from, desu is not attached to adjectives. See the examples below: 404 more words

Introduction To Spoken Japanese

Lesson 4. You Know Better Than Me: Ka

It’s often said that ka is a question particle. It’s true that a question and ka often go together. However, it ends with ka doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a question, nor the other way around. 610 more words

Introduction To Spoken Japanese

Algumas fotos do acervo da família Takai

As primeiras imagens são de momentos antes da despedida da família, no Japão, com destino ao Brasil pelo navio Santos Maru.
Percebe-se as inúmeras serpentinas que alguns japoneses seguravam, tanto aqueles que estavam a bordo do navio quanto os que estavam em terra firme. 282 more words

Os Imigrantes