Spotlight: Zoids – The Dibison

Welcome back to Spotlight! And yes, this is another post about a zoid. Yeah, yeah, so what if the series has been off the airwaves for the last ten or more years? 1,201 more words


Jab your index fingers in someone's anus.

A weird title for an even weirder custom, but you haven’t experienced Japan if you never had a person jab his index fingers in your anus. 257 more words

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Cardcaptor Sakura toys for all the good girls and all the good boys -- now with official voices!

Fans can thank Takara Tomy for a whole slew of official goods for their favorite card capturing elementary school girl. 543 more words


The Answer Has Been Revealed in New Duel Masters OCG Set

Just two days ago, the popular trading card game Duel Masters in Japan has released their latest expansion set, titled “DMR-20: Gyuujinmaru’s True Identity!! 806 more words


Now you and your kids can experience the fun of owning a cat without any of the hairballs!

Kids these days sure do get some high-tech toys. 289 more words

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March of Robots : Bumblebee…!

This one requested by @coachrhomel. Always wanted a robot buddy like this growing up. Not just a giant robot, this one is sentient. Today’s #MarchOfRobots is… 142 more words