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Day 182: Takarazuka Grand Theatre 月曜日・2015年3月16日

As part of a school trip organized by the CJLC we went to the Takarazuka Grand Theatre to see the play “Embraced by the sea of Calista” (カリスタの海に抱かれて  165 more words


Takarazuka Revue - The Female Kabuki

When one thinks of Japanese theatre, Noh and Kabuki instantly spring to mind. The long drawn-out process of a Noh dance characterised by their static masks reminiscent of a Greek tragedy and the music like speech of Kubuki with its stylised makeup and garish costumes. 923 more words



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Japanese granny attempts to trash treasure trove of old photographs, is thwarted by grandkids

Some people like to live a minimalist lifestyle – keeping the bare minimum of possessions and even living in tiny houses to help stave off clutter. 354 more words



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Can you name 5 traditional Japanese arts that are distinctly female? 【Women in Japan Series】

If asked which traditional Japanese arts are female-only, the first thing that comes to mind for most foreigners is probably geisha. Following that, most people might guess tea ceremony, … 1,187 more words