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Trains, Tabemono, and Takarazuka

こんにちは!Hello! Thank you for joining me for another blog post. Today, I would like to discuss a few specific topics: transportation and grocery shopping! While not the most exciting issues on the surface, for me, they have been the most different and challenging part about living in Japan. 1,282 more words


Rewind to Takarazuka

I realized that I hadn’t actually shared my trip to Takarazuka, so although I have only a few pictures, let’s get going! Stormy, my roommate from Seminar House 2, invited me to go see the Takarazuka Revue. 403 more words

Day Trip

Snow Troupe: The Bow Performance "Yoshitsune Youko Mugen Zakura"

Of course, everyone expected her to play the leading role in the Bow performance some time this year and was looking forward to “Yoshitsune Youko Mugen Zakura” to start…Asami Jun, yet another 95th takarasienne on the rise! 113 more words


Flower Troupe: "MESSIAH- Ibun Amakusa Shiro" Image Released

Takarazuka fans are going crazy over the “MESSIAH- Ibun Amakusa Shiro” image which was released yesterday (29th, March) on Twitter, blogs and everywhere else!

Very mysterious, beautiful and not quite what we expected for some reason. 87 more words


Moon Troupe: Images for 3 Revues Released

It’s here!

Takarazuka Revue official website has released the images for the upcoming revues to be  performed by Moon Troupe.

The performances will take place in June, and the members of Moon Troupe will be divided into three groups. 159 more words


Toa Serika to host this year's Takarazuka Paris Festival

It was announced that Toa Serika, the second-place star of Cosmos Troupe will lead Takarazuka Paris Festival 2018!

Takarazuka Paris Festival, the annually-held event (dinner show), is hosted by few members from the same troupe, and is known for the fact that the host of the event is considered from the Revue that she is the next big thing. 150 more words


About This Blog


I am a Tokyoite who is in love with Takarazuka Revue, a very unique all-female musical theater troupe in Japan.

As I started browsing their updates on the internet on a daily basis, I realized that their official website doesn’t usually release information in English. 33 more words