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"Women as men make better women"?

After watching Dream Girls in class, my classmates generally had the same opinion as me on the implications imbued within Takarazuka theatre: it reinforces gender roles rather than defying them. 272 more words

Beyond The Text

Can’t make it to the Rurouni Kenshin musical in Japan? Preview video gives a taste of the action

We recently took a look at the first photos of the upcoming Rurouni Kenshin stage musical cast in costume, and looking at the comments for that article, more than a few fans of the hit… 389 more words


Sailor Moon Musical

I went to see a Sailor Moon Musical.

Impressed enough? This is actually the third in a new series of musicals each one being a modified version of one season of the show. 770 more words


Japan’s all-female Takarazuka theater has enlightened 31.5:1 female to male bathroom stall ratio

In Japan, you’ll sometimes find extremely classy restrooms in surprising places, like sparkling-clean highway rest stops. But does that same metric apply to locations that you… 442 more words


Back in Japan: I Miss Nishinomiya

The sunlight had streamed through the blinders and woke me up at 7am this morning. I touched down at 3:20pm yesterday but it was almost 7pm before I could get settled into my dorm room. 641 more words


Secret Blue Coconut: prompt batch (3) / Coculto Azul: leva de pedidos (3)

English: Here’s the final unofficial prompt batch for The Secret Blue Coconut. Remember to check both languages but you choose which language you’ll write. The admins will translate to English whichever prompts, just contact us. 3,406 more words

Cavaleiros Do Zodíaco

First Takarazuka show

I’ll be watching Takarazuka live for the first time during my Japan trip in October! This will be Hanagumi’s The New Tale of Genji/Melodia which I’ll be seeing twice, on different days. 74 more words