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Bede’s 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival Preview

Yes! I can’t believe that one of my favourite events of the year has finally come around once again: the Melbourne International Film Festival (or MIFF for short). 7,208 more words

Melbourne International Film Festival

Dark Side of The Light (2016) Review

“Dark side of the light provides a very tangible framing of (…) disturbing irrationality and the denial of justice this irrationality introduces. This  is Sakamaki’s greatest triumph.” 1,108 more words


The Vanishing (Netherlands/France, 1988)

Directed by: George Sluizer. The Dutch quota on this blog is decidedly low, but I feel a little bit scammed—half of this thing is in French, set in France! 416 more words

Inkling Movie Review: Audition

About 30ish minutes into this film, I was scratching my head and wondered if I was watching the correct movie. The synopsis of Audition sounded like a suspenseful horror flick, but you wouldn’t have guessed it was that kind of experience early on; It came off as more of a romantic-comedy. 567 more words

Inkling Movie Reviews


People do foolish things for love, no matter their age, background, personality or experience. But there is something particularly poignant about romantic loneliness felt by those who have passed from youth, because their longing is matched with the notion that their time is finite, and they really don’t want to spend it alone. 902 more words


Visitor Q

*Review from 2004

This must rank with Dead or Alive (1-3), and The Happiness of the Katakuris as one of Miike’s most weird, and along with… 700 more words