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Audition (2000)

A TV executive decides to remarry seven years after the death of his first wife and sets up a fake film audition to look for suitable candidates. 165 more words


13 Assassins (2011)

When a brutal sociopath becomes next in line to take power over a then peaceful Japan, a small group of samurai are dispatched to prevent him from reaching his kingdom and taking the throne. 245 more words


Gasface: Post-Apocalyptic Pollution Slasher Spec Script

On the heels of my first “desert” script, “Facility 237,” I’d like to announce that my second desert-themed feature-length screenplay is DONE (!!!). It’s called “Gasface” and it’s a post-apocalyptic pollution slasher. 367 more words

Jamie Grefe

Ten Years Ago: Hostel

Maggie McMuffin has complicated feelings about Eli Roth and his second film, Hostel, but that’s not going to stop her from giving it a second chance. 3,796 more words


Yakuza Apocalypse

“Taste of my blood. And walk as a Yakuza vampire.”

So yeah, after all these Oscar-bait movies we’ve been, err, treated to lately, what I needed for a bit of a break was a decent palette cleanser. 779 more words