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Fantasia Film Review: Takashi Miike & Terraformers. The Fantasia switcheroo begins.

Prior to last night’s screening of Terraformars, the very director, the amazing Takashi Miike, was on hand to receive Fantasia’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Takashi Miike took the chance to point out that he has released thirty films while Fantasia has been around for twenty years. 712 more words

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Fantasia 2016: Honouring Takashi Miike

Daria Gamliel  for Cinetalk.net

“I’m hoping to prove that an awesome manga can spawn an awesome movie” – Takashi Miike

It is the year 2599, and there are giant mutant insects oozing gore on planet Mars. 385 more words

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Deeper: Ryu Murakami's stabbing motif

I’ve read three novels by Ryu Murakmi (Piercing, Audition, and In the Miso Soup, in order of publication), and an element that appeared in all three of these is a character who has a near-uncontrollable urge to stab people with very thin objects. 513 more words


Ley Lines (1999)

Ley Lines concerns a trio of small town half-Chinese boys who decide to run away from their rural backwater and head for the bright lights of Tokyo, only to find squalor and degradation within its seedy underbelly. 156 more words


EXAFM 2016 Day 4 BONUS: Imprint (2006) by Bill Meeker

The prolific and controversial Japanese auteur Takashi Miike created Imprint as an episode of the “Masters of Horror” television series. Broadcast in two seasons (2005-7), the series is an anthology of shorts by well-known horror directors. 634 more words


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This piece is my contribution to Dave K.'s ongoing celebration of extreme Asian films. I recommend that Loud Green Bird readers bookmark Dave's site, catch up on his posts to date, and follow along daily for the rest of the month.

Audition (Japan, 1999)

Directed by: Takashi Miike. Having been acquainted with the reputation of Takashi Miike a few years ago, I checked out 13 Assassins, one of his more straightforward films (a samurai flick with amped-up gore and over-the-top fight scenes). 567 more words

As the Gods Will - Review


The craziness I’ve grown to love about Miike goes unhinged again. Sure, As the Gods Will may be a mess of a product but it’s entertaining enough while it lasts. 806 more words

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