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Is Asami From the Japanese Horror Movie the Audition a Feminist Icon?

It’s what I like to call “Halloween Month!” And as such, I thought it might be fun to write a critical analysis on the main female character from Takashi Miike’s Horror/Gore film The Audition. 1,003 more words


Three... Extremes - Review


To follow up the underwhelming Three comes a sequel, Three… Extremes which not only brings together some more recognizable names to the table but also what has come along is a more consistently effective trio of short films that ultimately left a much more heightened impact compared to what originally had come by. 842 more words

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Miike to Direct Live-Action "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"

The versatile Japanese director Takashi Miike has lately had his share fair of live-action adaptation of manga and anime, from the family film Ninja Kids… 134 more words

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Takashi Miike's AUDITION (1999): A very dangerous date

“Audition” is probably the best movie made so far by prolific and eccentric director Takashi Miike, the story centers on a widower that with the help of a friend, organizes a fake audition for a fake movie with the intent of meeting a new wife. 169 more words

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Sukiyaki Western Django

A muddled and often confused Miike effort, this nevertheless entertains and freaks out in equal measures. With admirable action pieces, plenty of humour, some decent cameos, the film is never subtle, is always excessive in every sense, and is about twenty minutes too long. 295 more words


Audition ...

The main problem with watching this movie today is that it looks so dated and i can guarantee a re-make would and could be so more ferocious and intense. 242 more words

Día 03: Mejor película de acción/aventura

‘13 asesinos’ se sitúa durante el shogunato de Tokugawa. Comienza cuando Naritsugu, el medio-hermano del shogun, se vuelve una figura peligrosa para la estabilidad política. El ministro de defensa es obligado a tomar acciones en secreto, y para ello contacta a Shinzaemon, un viejo samurai cuya habilidad estratégica es clave para resolver el conflicto sin que se exponga el caso a los habitantes del imperio. 583 more words