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At some point in our lives, we all have to take the leap of faith and just jump. Here’s my story of how I jumped when I didn’t think I could jump anymore. 551 more words


This Is Our Obsession With ‘Timing’ And How It Holds Us Back

missallielizTiming. Such a small word, but has the biggest effect on most of our lives. Everything is based around this one small thing: timing. We use it as an excuse, we use it as a reason to explain ourselves, and we use it as a sense of direction. 12 more words


Take a chance

I’ve always loved music, sayings, and quotes.  They have that unique ability to impart thoughts and feelings with a memorable punch.

This week’s quote is one I’ve come across recently – 195 more words


Taking Risks

Some of the scariest things you will ever do in your life are the risks you take. Now I’m not talking Michael Myers scary, you can easily just turn off that movie and put on an episode of care bears until the world feels safe again. 675 more words


I dont mind the leap, bring the excitement.

“I realized that the act of falling in love is not so much a falling as a desperate, terrifying leap off the highest building around, the kind of jump that ends in not just a single casualty, but two.” 12 more words

What does it mean to take a chance on you?

I have learnt that taking a chance on you has very little to do with others. It is the chance/s we are willing to either take or suppress deep down within ourselves. 460 more words