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Birthing A Magical Idea

Each of us has “ah ha” magical ideas pop into our mind. Simultaneous with the thought, an incubation period begins to create multiple layers of possibilities about the new idea. 367 more words



He may not have said it; so many aphorisms are attributed to Oscar Wilde.

‘A grapefruit is a lemon that saw a chance and took advantage of it’ 212 more words


Caught By Surprise

Sometimes things take us by surprise. We think we know people or situations so well and then our world is turned upside down.

Maybe we even think we know ourselves and then through a series of events, we surprise ourselves with what we’re capable of. 315 more words


Poor Driving

Earlier this week, I was driving and thoughtfully wondering why the car in front of me was driving so slowly? This continued for a while until I recognized how fancy their car was. 755 more words

Truth Talks

Take a Chance

Around a year ago, I had auditioned for a singing competition, “Kids Voice Tour.” This competition was not like the usual competitions shown on TV,  first off you had to sign in for the casting and then audition, if they called you at the end of the week it meant that you were chosen to go to the semi-finals, if you didn’t get chosen or didn’t win the semi-final, you had the opportunity to audition again with a different song choice. 277 more words


What Are We Scared Of?

Death. You can’t avoid it.

We’re all going to die one day, it’s inevitable… but you don’t know when it’s going to happen.

You could die tomorrow in a tragic car accident, you could die from a disease in 6 years, you could die of old age, you simply do not know. 334 more words

My Thoughts

Second Chances

InQuire more:  Most everyone has deserved a second chance at some point in their life – another opportunity to be seen, heard, or understood more clearly. 150 more words