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Fate? Is That What This Is?

Opening Doors

It’s happening again!  I was presented with a door.  That’s how I like to think of big life decisions.  My opportunity.  My choice. 1,570 more words

Life Reflections

⭐️ Review - Take a Chance by Stephanie Witter ⭐️


Ever since my brother brought Chance Atwood home during their freshman year in college, I’ve been in love with him. I couldn’t explain it or find a way to silence my stupid heart. 637 more words


TAKE A CHANCE is live! $0.99

Hi lovelies,

Today is a new release day for me! Woohoo! *throws confetti*

TAKE A CHANCE, the spin-off novella featuring Megan Grimes and Chance Atwood from BE A DOLL, is LIVE and only $0.99! 356 more words



Step up to the plate

Be prepared for a curve ball

And swing anyway

Whether you miss or hit it

It was the fact that you tried

©2018 Annette Rochelle Aben


Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

I have learned a great deal about the writing world as I have begun to emerge myself in my quest to find a literary agent.  Each agent has unique specifications for sending a query and a fledgling author is bound to follow those guidelines or run the risk of having their submission thrown into the slush pile. 272 more words


Freedom From the Danger of "That's Just How it Is"

We live in a confusing, chaotic world.  Every day, we’re bombarded with relentless input telling us who we should be, what we should like, how we should dress, etc.  526 more words

On A More Serious Note

Going against the tide

Why do we insist on living our lives going against the tide. If we struggle, suffer and have heartache isn’t that a clear sign that all we are doing isn’t right? 314 more words

Love Life