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Of Risk and Reward

It is a pretty natural human response to avoid situations of vulnerability. I suppose it’s most drastic in those instances of physical threat, or at least, most visible. 459 more words

Christian Living

Ten Commandments for Parents

* Thou shall guard thy children in the home and on the street.

* Thou shall make thy home a sanctuary of love and devotion. 145 more words

Take A Chance

Tribute To Teachers

The artist work with colors rich deep and paints a summer sunshine, or a break And cold but sparkling wintry scene: and yet the growing canvas has no power to speak… 152 more words

Take A Chance

Writing Challenge #4-Rant about anything 

Ok so I don’t rant very often. Although there are a few things I would like to address,the main one for now is the issue of experience when it comes to job opportunities. 324 more words


Angel Messages - June 7, 2015

Your DAILY msg. from the Angels,


Love, Angels

Wow, okay Angels, thank you!

Angel Messages

you need this

What do you dream of? What brings you bliss? What do you want your life to be?

Now, what are you waiting for? 

Why not now? 21 more words

Build Your Bliss