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Just Breathe.

Earlier this year, I discussed in a previous blog posting about my intent to begin working on deep breathing on a regular basis.  While I have not made this as regular of a practice as I would like (daily), I have definitely increased how often I work on deep breathing (several times weekly).   827 more words

Take a deep breath, Air Supply coming to Covey Center

This announcement is dedicated to hopeless romantics who tend to find themselves a little short of breath worrying about procrastinating the purchase of a perfect Valentine’s Day gift each yea… 10 more words

Video Shows What Not To Do At McDonald’s When You’re Tired Of Waiting For Your Change

Although we don’t like how often we report on scuffles, brawls and other fights at fast food restaurants, we like to think that each example gives us the opportunity to learn something. 306 more words

LEGO Tells Everyone To Stop Freaking Out About Reported Holiday Season Shortage

Because there aren’t enough Lego bricks out there waiting for you to step on them, yesterday the Internet flipped out over news that the toy company wouldn’t have enough of the plastic pieces to meet demand this holiday season. 331 more words

Keep Breathing! Take a Deep Breath, Connect To The Life Force!

Keep breathing deep.  That’s what connects us to the life force of this universe.

When it all seems a bit much, remember to take a few deep breaths and take a few minutes out, brew a nice cup of earl grey! 123 more words


This Day

When you get a vision from God, trust the future to Him and then take it one day at a time.

He has given you a vision and shown you a glimpse of what is possible if. 95 more words

Just A Minute