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Shoulder tap that anxiety tantrum

I haven’t been to therapy in perhaps a year. I haven’t written on this blog for a long time as well. I have been busy with daily routine, and busy trying to ignore what makes me miserable. 376 more words

Them Vs. Me

Angel Messages May 10 2017

Your Daily Message from Angels


We love you

You got that right, Angels!!

Angel Messages

Oddly enough, I was rereading some “related posts” when I came across this one: Lost

For the most part, I have overcome that feeling in regards to [ 285 more words


Thankful Thursday - breath 

Thankful that I still know how to take a deep breath when I feel stressed.

These 2 weeks and coming weeks, I will have many works to do. 70 more words


how to be gentle and patient

the way your parents brought you up has a huge impact on the adult you grow up to be. sure, there are ways your parents influence your life that will better you forever. 723 more words

Exercising Mental Happiness - January 19th, 2017

It’s easy to forget.So, in the mornings when I walk my dog before I head into work I take a deep breath and chant this in my head.