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Sweat the Bad/Breathe the Good

Sometimes in life, certain emotions can really take over your persona.

When you feel sad or angry, you act differently.  When you feel happy or excited, the people around you know it. 350 more words

Breaking Point

Written from the viewpoint of a dear friend of mine. 

“You fall down, you get right back up and keep going”. Those were the last words that my coach said to me before I skated out on to the ice rink, before crowd of parents, competitors and spectators. 857 more words


Stop and Smell the Roses

Have you ever heard this saying?  I am sure you have.

What does it mean and why am I telling you to do it?

Well, growing up and living in New Jersey (where no one moves slow…at all!) it seems that no one takes this saying seriously.   530 more words

Don't trip over rocks, trip over pearls

Busy, busy days, oh my! Yesterday I spent the day joining in a project of design, illustrator and photography students as part of my final project (thesis) course. 303 more words


Perception VS. Reality

A couple years ago, I learned a huge life lesson through a simple event that happened early one morning before heading to work…

My alarm rung out at 3:00am… 257 more words


Motivation from theempiremotive

There are a hundred and one things that you as an entrepreneur want to accomplish. However you will one day realize spreading yourself too thin over multiple paths will not lead to your success. 157 more words


Respond Vs. React (or Why Are You So Dumb?--Part 3)

Welcome back, all. Between less structured summer days and a laptop that needs a li’l TLC, I’m feeling a bit disorganized and out of sorts. Please forgive my delay in getting this post up.

548 more words