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Why it's good to take a step back

Todays blogpost is about an important topic, and it’s something that I struggle with. Not ashamed to admit it, but I find it so hard to take a step back in life. 1,257 more words


When Your Child’s Dad Helps Out

Last night, my daughter woke up from a nighttime accident. I normally wake up but I guess my body was tired of all the times I wake up this week because of accidents and I didn’t hear her. 523 more words


Breath of Fresh Air.

Air is life. We all know that. No air = no life, I think we can all agree on that. There is nothing like fresh air after a long hard day at work… I wish there were proper words to describe how fresh air smells, but the best I can come up with is rejuvenating. 413 more words

A & J

Feeling Like You Get 5 Steps Forward But Knocked 10 Steps Back? — Elevateursoul

Thank you Elevateursoul for this post. It made my day and gives me strength. For me it is time to take a deep breath and make some changes. 96 more words