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Why Self-Care Is So Important // Self-Care Tips and Tricks

I saw a picture the other day that said ‘Self-Care isn’t Selfish, it’s Self-Respect’ and it got me thinking. Because, I feel as if sometimes its seen as selfish to be taking so much time to care for yourself. 401 more words

Take a Walk Polished Devlog

Hello! Just like the audiovisual prototype devlog, I’ve been sitting on this update for a while.  The polished prototype was finished at the beginning of May and since then I’ve been working on the game, getting situated back in California, starting my summer job, and otherwise generally procrastinating on doing anything for this website.   788 more words

Take a Walk Audiovisual Devlog

Hello!  I’ve been sitting on this update for a while because generally I like to spend my time making the dang game instead of writing about it. 599 more words

After the fact.

Since moving to San Francisco, dog walks and booze runs have become one of the same. Part necessity and part perceived necessity, Woody the dog has become somewhat of a regular at the market up the hill from my house. 253 more words

Opposite Day

Concert in Gothenburg

For the rest of the world he might not be that big of a star since most of his songs are in Swedish. But in Sweden, he is quite big. 213 more words

Take A Walk

How to escape post-work fatigue and bubble with energy

Post-work fatigue can be a downer in multiple ways – you won’t have the energy to make yourself and family a proper dinner or you’ll miss that movie you’ve been looking forward to because you just can’t drag yourself off the couch and get dressed. 425 more words


Still geeking out over Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos' acoustic set in 2013

By Leighton Ginn

It’s been three years ago, but 2013 was the year I got to experience Passion Pit twice in two very different performances. 217 more words