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The power of being consistent - stay on your game!

Most of us are struggling with being consistent and working on our dreams. Our daily lives are overwhelmed with so many distractions that it´s easy to loose our original ideas. 147 more words


Are you happy with HOW you make money?

There are 2 ways to make money; ETHICAL money, that is.

One way is unfulfilling, soul sucking and feels like drudgery.

You don’t like the people you’re working for and/or with, you don’t like the lack of freedom, you don’t believe in the ethos of the client/organisation you’re working for and you don’t like yourself when you’re doing that work. 148 more words

Your Best Life

Taking Action

It’s hard to get into a cold shower.

When you know there will be pain, struggle, change. And the longer you think about it, … 11 more words

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3 Ways To Beat Stress And Boost Your Success

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3 Ways To Beat Stress And Boost Your Success

Stress is a big killer

We live in a world which encourages stress. 750 more words


Do Something

Sitting on the hands of time
Impeding their forward motion
Dreaming of progress
Head in the clouds,
Of better days
And ideal situations,
Going nowhere… 12 more words


Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment Because There May Never Be One

The bulletproof way to miss out on your dreams is to wait for the perfect moment.

Most of the time our brain is not our best friend. 645 more words

Saving Our Rivers and Oceans... One Straw at a Time

Hi! It’s Olivia from One More Generation here.

Did you know that in America alone we are using over 500,000,000 plastic straws every single day? … 1,130 more words