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Black Friday Oscar the Grouch Special

Can you relate? You’re basically a happy person. But lately, a part of you has been turning into Oscar the Grouch because you need a change. 519 more words

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Why does AT&T have the WORST customer service ever? @ATT

The tweets below will speak for themselves but suffice it to say, I am officially at war with AT&T. I have been a customer of theirs so long that I can’t even remember if it was 2004 or 2005 that I switched to them, and in October of 2008, I bought my first iphone on an unlimited data plan, meaning a flat monthly fee for unlimited internet access. 1,531 more words

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Conscious Choices

It can be a bit more exciting to think of how are habits are generating personal success than to realize what impact they are making on a potentially global scale. 398 more words

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Let Them Grow: Giving Back This Holiday Season

Making Giving about Giving

This is the time of year to think about not just our families but also for our community. Living in such a small valley makes it easy to make connections that are meaningful and valuable. 399 more words

Contributing Writer

Harming a nonprofit and a drug prevention program. Why?

We just reached out to Gary Tennis from PA DDAP with our questions. Here’s what we sent:


The board of directors for the nonprofit CANDLE, Inc. 624 more words

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A Snake In The Backyard; a confirmable moment

My boy walked into my home office and calmly stated, “Mom you are never going to guess what I just saw.”  I impatiently responded, “Ahh no I am sure I am never going to guess.”  He goes on to tell me that he saw a snake.   283 more words


DDAP Caped Crusader?

Reaching 33,000 families with 100,000 hours of drug prevention delivered by volunteers just had to be punished. PA Dept. of Drug & Alcohol Director Gary Tennis… 190 more words

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