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3 Excellent Reasons Why It’s Important to Take Action

That’s an excellent idea.  We have all been there when we have a eureka moment and fall in love with an idea to do something.  To open up a business, create a product or simply take a long vacation.   532 more words

Women's March: Tens of Thousands 'Waltz Across Texas'

The day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, tens of thousands of Texans took part in marches across the state Saturday during Texas’ multiple iterations of the Women’s March on Washington. 1,188 more words


An Open Letter to Punk Rock

Dear punk rock scene,

What in the actual fuck? I thought you believed in change and freedom. Yet when I post about the plight of Leonard Peltier or Mumia Abu Jamal (men you eductated me on) the engagement is little to none. 236 more words

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Want More? Choose More.

Having more in our lives is about choosing more.

Choosing more leads us to evaluate what actions it will take to realize our goals. It helps us look more clearly at what we want and decide what is worth our effort and what is not. 578 more words


Art of the Deal: How to Protest Trump

Start preparing ground for a big-tent collaborative.

Jeremy David Bendik-Keymer, Case Western Reserve University

With the new administration beginning, many people might want to know how to… 815 more words



So many places I’ve seen

In this short lived life.

So many places were shown

On where I should go.

So many places I’m sold… 44 more words

Take Action

Unacceptable Place 

When I see posts exclaiming that no women’s march is needed, every part of my body cries out for me to divulge every instance in my life that has shown me where I’m supposed to sit and how I’m supposed to behave. 651 more words

Broken Realities