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Once I made the decision to work on a comic, I was then able to finish up my organization project without too much stress. Then I decided to wait on producing a full fledged comic book. 27 more words


Why Aren’t Our Rape Protection Programs Working On Campuses?

Today we would hope that people have better judgment not to rape someone, but it is best to provide rape protection programs on college campuses to help guide and inform students what to do in that serious situation. 285 more words


How are you building financial capability among clients?

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Calling All Innovations in Financial Capability! A New FI2020 Project Needs to Hear about You… 365 more words


What I've Learned: Lesson from Spring

In spite of winter tenaciously hanging on in some parts of the country, spring is making its presence known (the picture above was taken during a snow squall)! 255 more words

You Can Do It

#Motivation from thelawteamhoyt

Network is your Net Worth.. Buy someone a beer, a burger, or their coffee.
ARK: A Random of Kindness can often lead to a new doors and new roads. 25 more words


Repair Café

Repairing things is, nowadays, very “retro”. People just buy a new one. But the Repair Café, now a worldwide silently protesting against the planned obsolescence. 88 more words


Got Power?

So you’re avoiding God because you bought into the hype about God judging you, huh?

God is smart though – there’s Karma for that. What you sow you WILL reap, usually multiplied. 103 more words

Your Best Life