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What it Takes to Make a Great Photograph - Three Elements of DSLR Photography

As a photographer, your knowledge and confidence in your own photographic ability along with your equipment will work together to make eye-catching images. There are actually three essentials that work together so that you can take better pictures with your DSLR camera.First and foremost is the photographerWhether you care to admit it or not, the photographer is the most important element in the photographic process. 479 more words

How to take better pictures. 

Many of my clients have asked me for some pointers on how to take better pictures because they can’t have a pro photographer following them around 24/7. 441 more words


Pretty Skies

Once again, I had all sorts of plans for posts which got preempted by life and by other post ideas. So, today, I will bring you some photos I just had to share. 155 more words