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Pretty Skies

Once again, I had all sorts of plans for posts which got preempted by life and by other post ideas. So, today, I will bring you some photos I just had to share. 155 more words


Tips for photographing roses 11: keep an eye on the forecast

Blustery conditions present real problems for garden photography. It’s another roses are like dogs comparison, but even in a moderate summer breeze, some varieties of English roses will bounce around on the ends of their branches like enthusiastic young puppies hoping to be taken for a walk. 275 more words


Tips for photographing roses 10: getting colours right

I have watched (with real concern) as professional photographers struggled to reproduce colours accurately when taking pictures of cut flowers under studio lighting.  They’ve carefully calibrated their cameras, lighting, reflectors and computer screens. 906 more words

Photographing Roses

Tips for photographing roses 9: it's not all about your camera

“To write a great novel, you need a really expensive pen, right?”

I’ll always remember David Perry saying this as he began his talk to a group of garden writers who were keen to become better photographers.

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Tips for photographing roses 7: the golden hour

Take advantage of the best light by taking pictures early or late in the day. I’ve heard garden photographers rave about the diffused light of misty mornings, but they’ll also tell you that the perfect light is surprisingly rare. 368 more words


Tips for photographing roses 6: not all roses are equal

I’m sorry to have to say this, especially as we think of roses as beautiful flowers, but I believe that some varieties are just more photogenic than others. 494 more words


Tips for photographing roses 5: experiment with the format

It’s a simple but effective tip, but from time to time, turn your camera round. Looking through Flickr, I’m always surprised that so many amateur flower photographers take virtually all their pictures as landscapes. 670 more words

Photographing Roses