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No vacancy for temptations here!

Isn’t it amazing how mowing the lawn is a lot like life? You give a good yank with the plastic handle connected to the string which is magically connected to the engine in the mower and… 277 more words

Be You

Where does my diabetes fit?

No one is expecting you to drop everything in your life and devote every waking moment to poking your finger, recording blood sugars, counting carbs and attending medical appointments. 409 more words


God's Masterpiece

We are unique.  We are God’s beautiful creation and masterpiece. Because of that, we have hope.  He loves us as His masterpiece and encourages us to be all we can be. 139 more words

The Tool Box

I'm Still Here

Its been a good year since last I wrote.  It has been a good, full, exciting, stressful, fun, and *enter other awesome adjective here*  year! 512 more words

Highlights and Tattoos - The Lighter Side of Life

So I’ve been playing with my little blog for 5 years now.  The last few years have been fairly dark ones – and I want to move on from the darkness and chaos. 402 more words


It's Time to Take Care of YOU!

Do you remember what you are told to do in case of emergency while flying? You are told to put YOUR oxygen mask on first because if you don’t first help yourself, you won’t be able to help anyone else. 403 more words

Sick tips!


You good? I could be better. Mentally I feel fine, over the moon actually. But I’m sick, I have a cold and I hate it. 471 more words