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3 Hearty, Healthy Meals

One thing the 3 cardiologists I like have in common is they all have soups and stews they recommend for health.

Here are my 3 favorite hearty, healthy meals that I’ve come up with as I adapt to their advice. 293 more words


Four Easy Salads

If it were up to me I would fix salad for dinner every night, probably in part because salads are so easy to throw together.  Although my family willing eats their greens, they usually aren’t thrilled when I try to sell it as the main entree. 533 more words

Meal Plan Mondays

My Favorite Smoothies

I am a creature of habit.  I like to try new smoothies, but mainly I stick to these tried-and-true smoothie recipes that I know by heart. 226 more words


Songs for Summer 2017 - Take Care Of You

Cherokee – “Take Care of You” – (2011)

Here’s a bit of a throwback. It just sounds like summer. It’s got a great R&B vibe – thanks mostly to the fact that it samples George Benson. 23 more words


Building a Strong Core

Building a strong core is fundamental in any fitness program.

I like yoga, pilates, and barre for strengthening my core.  I think that people underestimate the strength and balance building value of yoga.   213 more words


Skin Care

Invest In Yourself

Your face is showing.

No, really, everyone can see it.  And we all have our insecurities about our face.  The skin care industry grossed over $121 BILLION in 2014.   151 more words


ASMR ♡ mouth sounds only/solo sonidos en la boca ♡

Hey, what was awesome about your day? And more importantly, who do you wanna be? Please comment that down below! Or email me at sylversilph@gmail.com … i am insanely curious to know! 84 more words

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