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Little alterations go a long wayπŸ†πŸ

I feel eating healthy is a learned behavior. You have to want it, and be willing to change your mind set from Skippy to Adams if you know what I mean. 670 more words


Finding Me

I can’t say that I had many dreams for my life. Of course, I went through the normal “I wanna be a rock star” stage as a kid but it didn’t stick. 508 more words

You want DELICIOUS snacks in the house?.. Here you go!πŸͺ

I’m talking D. E. L. I. C. I. O. U. S. πŸ™Œ!! I have to admit I’ve started to embrace the multiple food intolerances my friends have acquired, I’m learning about so many great recipes I would of never known about with my nose deep in Betty Crocker … I’ve leaned towards baking my cakes,cookies, and brownies from scratch for awhile now so I felt that was a good start to “clean eating”… Yeah maybe not. 506 more words


Your brain needs love too❀️

Prior to 2000 I would of said “Essential what?”….not sure how I missed that boat back then, but now I’m making sure no one else misses it. 322 more words

Take Care Of You

Holy Moly Mother of Food

When I come across fabulous recipes, I end up emailing/texting my new score in the recipe world to my friends… ALWAYS EXCITED!! ( does that come with age?😱) … 240 more words


Camping doesn't just entail laziness and processed foods

Camping trips and any vacation for that matter are a world of venture for me.. My time to explore and chill (in a sense) with nature/surroundings… The beauty of being a runner is exploring while getting in miles and burning those extra calories the s’mores bring in… 330 more words