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Invest In Yourself

Your face is showing.

No, really, everyone can see it.  And we all have our insecurities about our face.  The skin care industry grossed over $121 BILLION in 2014.   151 more words


ASMR ♡ mouth sounds only/solo sonidos en la boca ♡

Hey, what was awesome about your day? And more importantly, who do you wanna be? Please comment that down below! Or email me at sylversilph@gmail.com … i am insanely curious to know! 84 more words

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The Body I'm In

In my early 20s I rocked crazy abs, my thighs had space between them, and I felt confident in my body. As I went through life changes – entering into a serious relationship, starting to work full-time, trying to balance friendships, romantic interests, family, and career at the same time – my body went through it’s own changes. 742 more words


When practicing
Care for self
I remain convinced
There’s no one
More important,
Trust your sixth sense

If it’s too good
To be true
They say, 19 more words

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Taking Care of You (Mom Edition)

When you become a mother, or even a wife, your life as you know it changes. There’s someone else that you have to put before yourself and your needs. 911 more words

The end of something not so great and the beginning of something unknown.

Last year (feels odd to say that when referring to 2016) I started writing a blog about my year. 908 more words


I have had a rough few weeks. Last week I lost a friend, as a result of the circumstances that are fucked up. I know my friend was not ending our friendship because of anything that I did wrong but because it was what was the healthiest decision, probably for both of us. 192 more words