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Happy journey of life friends.

Keep safe driving.
Parents need you.
Life is so simple , if you take it easy, don’t hurry up.
In life journey, you can’t get this life every time , So ENJOY it .

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Take Care!


Skin, undoubtedly is the most important thing. And taking care of it is very crucial for every girl. Every girl wants to have great skin without putting in extra effort. 366 more words


Jon B Vs. Drake

On Drake’s Take Care Album my favorite song is his “Cameras/Good Ones Go”.

The song is sad but is also romantic. Drake is singing about a girl he wants to be with but is not ready to settle down with. 184 more words


You're Going to Want to Read This

It took me a while to write this
It takes me a while to write most things like this
This took months
This took strength… 877 more words


Flu~~ Flu~~ Please Go Away~~~

Happy Midnight, Everyone~

I’m flu right now, while typing this…

My eyes are itching and I’m feeling really cold…

My mom told me to wear a sweater just now :D… 135 more words

Daily Life

Focus on Yourself

As humans it is often inevitable that we tend to focus more on other people and things rather than ourselves. As a young adult in today’s society I often feel pressured because certain life milestones aren’t occurring for me. 682 more words


Take a Chance On Me

When I was in high school, if you had asked if I was thinking about Greek life I would have laughed in your face. My reasoning? 282 more words