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My Mentor, Lianna Riley

As an incoming freshman, I was terrified of what my life at Central Michigan University was going to look like. Was I going to make new friends? 287 more words


How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Care

There seems to be no end to the kitchen products they say can be good for your hair: Apple cider vinegar rinses for shine; honey, mayonnaise, and avocado for conditioning; beer for… well, maybe it’s best to save the beer for drinking. 693 more words

Should Conditioner Be Used On Roots?

In the world of hair care, there seem to be contradicting statements regarding just about every aspect of your strands. One of the more debated elements of hair care is the matter of should conditioner be used on roots or avoided at all costs. 574 more words

7 Ways to Get Super Moisturized Natural Hair Right Now!

Besides hair growth, moisture is by far the number one area women struggle with in terms of their natural hair. If you are a new natural or in the process of transitioning, this may come as a shock to you but, it is OK to moisturize your hair every day. 929 more words

History for the Leaders

This semester, I took History 110L. In this class, it’s focused on American Leaders, and each semester we had to write a big paper on how the people we chose were leaders in history. 296 more words



“It started like a fairy tale but it’s ending with not a happily ever after.”

Sabi nila we have a perfect love story. So here it goes. 417 more words

Campus Ambassadors

As a prospective college student, I was forced to pick schools to travel to and tour. Many people don’t believe me when I say “I made my college decision based off of the quality of my tours.” There were two that stood out to me the most, and I think it’s easy to say that Central was the better of the two. 373 more words