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What’s the point of getting sick, if there’s no one around to take care of you?  Or, at least, to check in on you, and possibly bring some hot food for you…  Sure, I get to take a break from going out into the world, but I hardly have the will to procure myself food when I’m healthy and well.  

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Take care of it

If you see a cow or sheep wandering around lost, take the animal back to its owner.  If the owner lives too far away, or if you don’t know who the owner is, take the animal home with you and take care of it. 190 more words

Primal Leadership

As a LAS student you are put into LDR 100 with a bunch of your fellow cohort. Threw this class we get weekly updates on what’s going on in the LI community and just get a chance to hang with everyone in LAS. 106 more words

Stylish Tuesday X - Feel better with a better skin & make up

I am going to admit something. I have skin issues. A lot of them… acne, stress eczema, dry skin and in general just a lot of stuff going on. 1,466 more words

Before Salvation Army--

For the rest of the year, I will be volunteering each Sunday at The Salvation Army here in Mount Pleasant. I thought it would be a nice idea to blog about this experience because I have never done anything quite like it. 238 more words


8th March

do we need this day?

absolutely yes

absolutely no

why yes?

as it is occassion for celebration

why no?

we too (men) need to be part of these celebrations… 22 more words