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An Extraordinary Grandfather

What’s fancy about “extraordinary” is the word “extra.” Extraordinary people are like precious gems among the stones in the world. Aside from the fact that they’re rare, they live a wonderful life in the midst of the usual everyday occurrence. 402 more words


Subdue strays and creeps. (fwo: for women only)

Let’s talk about keeping dogs and men at bay.. actually, stray dogs and creepy men. (not every dog and every man!)



Look After Yourself Now, You'll Still Be Healthy When You're Old!

Look After Yourself Now, You’ll Still Be Healthy When You’re Old!

I’m one of those people that hates thinking about the future. I guess it kind of scares me and I hate looking ahead to a time where I’m old and wrinkled. 531 more words

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Take Care

“Take Care” is a phrase that can be taken a many of ways. Most people think of the phrase as a way to say farewell to someone or… you could be thinking of Drake’s album. 60 more words

Album Review: 'Views' by Drake

Jack DeVault//

For Drake, it’s lonely at the top. After bursting on the scene with So Far Gone in 2009, the Canadian superstar has produced nothing but hit after hit and has remained for the most part unchallenged at the top of the “hip-pop” world. 506 more words

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Taking Care With Esthetician Tess Adams

Sonäge Skincare is thrilled to announce its partnership with celeb fave and cult status facial spa Take Care. They’re now carrying Sonäge’s natural products for skincare… 506 more words

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What the CUSS is an Echidna?

I left my parents at the car in the Barnes parking lot and bolted. I ran up to the third floor and walk into room 308 noticing the door decorations all over. 777 more words

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