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I will take care, never afraid.

It doesn’t matter what is in front of her, She knows who is behind her to take care
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'Views' From the Top

A look back at Drake’s career as Views sees the light of day.

Since his debut studio album, Thank Me Later, Drake has consistently changed the mainstream hip hop industry. 429 more words


जोँ जोँनि गोसो आरो सोलेरखौ जोथोन लाथारनांगोन।
जोँनि जिउ आरो जिउमाखौ अनसायथारनो नांगोन।
जोँ थांनानै थानो थाखाय गावखौनो खुसियै जोथोन लानो नांगोन।

बेखायनो जोँनि गोसोआ जेसेबां मोजां जायो, सोलेराबो गुफुं जानो हाथारनांगोन।
मानोना जोँनि जिउ आरो सोलेरजोँ मोनसे बाहागोआनो।
सोलेरा लोरबां जायोब्लानो जोँनि जिउआ दुखु मोनो।

जोँ मिथिगौदि- “सोलेरा गुफुं जायोब्लानो, जोँ जिउखौ मिजिँ खालामनो हायो।
मावनांगौ खामानिखौ गोरलैयैनो मावनो हायो।”

Take Care

Take Care Isn't Drake's Best Album

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Can I show you something?

This is a piece of art I did last year about this time of year. I have shown it before here on my blog, but back then you were not as many followers and readers that you are today, so I show it again :) 107 more words

What Ever

Since Take Care I've Been Care Taking

Lately all I’ve been listening to is Views. You know an album is good when you have a new favorite song everyday. I can’t wait to have a cookout just to put this album on repeat. 328 more words

The importance of organic

Not just the importance of organic but just “being green” in general. I wasn’t always concerned about the environment like I currently am. Sure, I recycled but that was about it. 643 more words