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1 Jan 2016

It’s a good thing to be working! I really think I’ve learnt a lot from this short month / short stint at GE. Looking at how a big MNC operates, it’s really huge, and it’s a beast. 718 more words

Is Motivation a Cliché?


Motivation helps. Period.


One of those Days

Right now, at 12:23 am, technically Tuesday morning, is the first time I’ve felt like I’ve relaxed all day. It’s been one of those days. 573 more words


Be Extraordinary


You can be

Even if

Your flame has gone out

Today like a friend

I’ll fan it

To rekindle what’s there

Inside of you… 210 more words

Going Beyond Limitations

He FIRST loved us! Take the Initiative

Do you ever find yourself having a hard time being loving/caring towards the people around you? I know I do from time to time, when I’ve mentioned this to people who know me I’ve often been looked at with a funny face and asked: “But Joe, I would never guess that about you. 302 more words

Hold On For Life


One of my major pet peeves is people not taking initiative.

Another of my pet peeves is people who are so set in their ways that they think all other methods are wrong. 666 more words


Escape Bench Work And Finally Get Paid More Than Your Undergraduate Friends

This blog posting on cheekyscientist.com outlines the 3 things PhDs can do to escape an academic dead end; these are: 1) understand the reality of jobs in academia; 2) invest in business training / diversify your skill set; and 3) take initiative and actively pursue your options. 34 more words

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