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Ice and celebrities clearly don’t mix. ‘Dancing On Ice’ managed to fuck up Vanilla Ice (knocked unconscious), Jennifer Ellison (sliced head open), Michael Underwood (broken ankle), Chesney Hawkes (ankle) and Keith Chegwin (fractured 3 ribs & shoulder). 261 more words

Reality T.V. Dinners And Social Media Minefields

Take Me Out rejects have formed a 'Blackout Club' to go pulling together

Everyone knows that ‘no lighty, no likey’ is the beloved catchphrase of Take Me Out’s Paddy McGuinness.

But according to the host of the ITV dating show, those it actually applies to aren’t too upset about it. 200 more words


Moving Day

For some inexplicable reason my brain decided that 05:15 was the perfect time to wake up on moving day. Having refused to let me go to sleep until midnight. 900 more words


Which of these lines actually came from Take Me Out? Test your knowledge in our quiz...

Regular Take Me Out viewers will of course be well aware of Paddy McGuinness’ ‘let the….see the…’ catchphrases on the show.

But with the increasingly far-fetched quips showing no sign of slowing down in the current series, can you tell the difference between an actual Paddy one-liner and one we’ve just made up? 50 more words


The Unexpected Allure of Excel / Not Giving a Fuck


Evening: girl sits on sofa with feet up, sipping wine out of a mug

It’s Saturday, I’ve been packing all day (with help from parents) and now I’m watching Take Me Out and IM-ing Cousin Z on my laptop as I watch. 579 more words


Take Me Out, in Love and Despair

If you want to feel your brain dancing, listen to Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. The lyrics give you opposite meanings for the same phrase and your brain begins to swerve between them. 759 more words

Sing Better English

2nd January

I’m an outgoing, 20-something male. But recently my Saturdays are all a little dead.

I’m not sure how I feel about Take Me Out. Is it outdated? 218 more words