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British television is kind of awful.

Shows my flatmate likes to put on when I am eating my dinner:

Come Dine With Me- Four lonely, middle aged and/or homosexual Brits compete for glory and £1000 to have the best dinner party. 311 more words

How does the world still seem so conservative in 2017? Thoughts on Trump, TV and why we need to start using our voice

I have become hyper aware of living in the twitter-sphere recently. Social media is great because it allows us to filter who we follow and what we see. 1,071 more words


Man who found love on Take Me Out tries out his luck on The Voice

A contestant who found love on Take Me Out hopes he can get his TV singing career going as well – when he appears on The Voice tonight. 333 more words


Lebanese TV stations declare war against each other over racy late night show “Take Me Out”.

Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanese TV stations declare war against each other over racy late night show “Take Me Out”.

Late this January, MTV issued a blog post in which the prominent TV station publically criticized the LBCI show and shamed the women for participating after a male participant took his shirt off during in an effort to impress the women. 190 more words

Dear Lebanon, Banning TV Shows Because Some Are Offended Is Never Okay

Almost a week after a tirade in which MTV called the women participating in LBC’s show “Take Me Out” whores, the country is still talking about that show and what to do with it. 923 more words


Rainy Day Blues

A rainy Sunday is almost soothing. Although, the calm and steady rain makes your bed that much more comfy, right? But, why waste a Charleston day in bed? 110 more words

Take Me Out