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Gue jomblo selama 5 tahun sebelum akhirnya bertemu dengan sang mantan pacar – Wabbit di dunia maya. Cerita singkatnya dari awal ketemu sampe persiapan pernikahan kami bisa dibaca… 603 more words


Lovely Lovely Lovely: Martina Sabato

Today’s girl could be called “girl of the next door”, but she’s more than a normal one, she could be a “girl of the next castle”. 566 more words


Show me a sign.

Last week I told you how I was due to go on a date or whatever you call it these days with a guy that seemed like a great catch, however what I failed to mention was that this was actually Take 2 of meeting up because the week before my phone had fallen into chaos. 680 more words

Let The Blog, See The Rabbit

Before I begin this entry, I want to make one thing absolutely clear – ITV’s dating show, ‘Take Me Out’, is an abomination of British televisual programming. 1,704 more words

Take Me Out (First aired 5/3/16)

I would say that Take Me Out is my guilty pleasure, but it isn’t because I don’t feel guilty about watching it!

I’m fully aware that it’s trash TV, but it’s one of those shows that is so bad it’s good. 660 more words

Take Me Out

Take Me Out

Why oh why don’t take me out let women choose between 30 men? Perhaps it would make men seem inferior like us women? Surely in the twenty first century we are moving towards equality and therefore these roles can be challenged… 139 more words