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Most time of this summer I had Franz Ferdinand in my car to listen to. So, one more for the end of the season…


August Favourites

Hello everyone! It is absolutely crazy how fast August has gone and I’ve felt like this month has been a busy one due to the sheer speed at which it’s passed. 666 more words


I'm addicted to the most ridiculous game show

I don’t even think I should be writing about this because I’m so embarrassed, but I just have to share it! You know how there are so many terrible game shows out there? 326 more words


Paddy McGuinness caught on CCTV yelling at nail salon worker for 'inappropriate sexual comment' to his wife

Paddy McGuinness lost his cool at a nail bar worker who supposedly made an inappropriate remark about his wife.

He’s been captured on CCTV storming into the salon in Wilmslow and approaching a man who Paddy believed made a sexual comment to his wife when she visited the salon the day before. 252 more words


Take Me Out at Warwick University

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but that’s because my account on TSR got banned and I was worried I wouldn’t have a platform where to advertise, as a good bunch of my viewers came from there. 98 more words

No likey? Paddy McGuinness' new show Benchmark taken off air after just nine episodes

It was launched just over a month ago, but Paddy McGuinness’ latest game show has already been taken off air.

Channel 4 reportedly decided to pull the plug on Benchmark after just nine episodes thanks to poor ratings. 418 more words