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Fierce Girl’s Guide to Divorce Pt II: The Money Stuff

This is the second in a series on divorce: how to plan it, handle it, survive it, and get the tattoo afterwards. Here is the first one… 1,341 more words

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5 rules for having awesome skin without breaking the bank (or ending up on Botched)

One of my favourite podcasts is The Guilty Feminist, which hilariously explores our lofty goals as modern feminists, and “the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine them”. 1,254 more words

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Just some money things to tick off your list while you're in #Iso2020

One of the most polarising memes I’ve seen all year was this one.

The condescension and privilege is pretty offensive to people managing their way through a global trauma. 1,028 more words

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What colour is my natural hair? And other quarantine questions

I’m finding it hard to write about money at the moment.

Every attempt seems wrong. If I write about investment, it feels insensitive to the many people who have lost their incomes. 845 more words

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Making sense of the financial help on offer right now

Mortgage holidays, early release super, rental reductions… It’s a lot to consider. In this short video I just provide some thoughts on how to think about them.

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A small request not to freak the hell out about the world right now

Sure things aren’t perfect. Sure we are facing an outbreak of Coronavirus, but maybe it’s best to just sit yourself down like Elle Woods watching hot guys play sport. 804 more words

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