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When Given a Choice, Take the High Road

When traveling and faced with a difficult situation, my mantra is always, “Take the next step.” When working on projects at my home office, I make lists so I can work backward from the deadline because I know that getting started (taking the next step) is the most important part of any project. 50 more words

Train Travel

The Visible Thoughts Vlog 5: D.a.n.c.e

More ramblings and poems. This week it is a poem about dancing and the inter-connectedness of all things (and the amazing series Dirk Gently). More than this though it is about how it just takes the effort and intention that is making the first step. 42 more words


The Secret of Achieving Success Revealed: “You Need to get Uncomfortable in Your Comfort Zone”

So many people sincerely desire “the better life.” The freedom to choose our schedules, visit the vacation locations of our dreams, and the outright flexibility of spending time with the people that matter the most to us. 663 more words

People Development

ME to WE

It’s a new year with a lot of potential and possibilities waiting. And, it’s an exciting time! As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of change in 2017. 929 more words

Theta Musings

Have Faith And Take The First Step

all of things we have in our life like cars, computers, buildings and etc invented by someone who takes the first step and believed that it is possible… 6 more words

Facing Fear

This is the year

That I faced fear

Quencing it’s voice

You can too

Take that first step

Fear will go

You’ll be free

And out of the reach… 7 more words