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Fevered: A Playlist


I’m rewatching Take This Waltz (Dir. Sarah Polley, 2011) and in between donuts, I’m saving this week’s playlist that Spotify expertly curated for me – based on some really excellent algorithm that I have no idea where it took. 57 more words


Still Ill

This quote is from the movie “Take This Waltz”, which is basically about a young wife who thinks the grass might be greener on the other side.  400 more words


[Writing] Five Example Parts to Write Romantic Scenes

Have you ever stuck to write romantic scenes? No need to worry. Saya punya lima film bagus sebagai rujukan!

Menjadi penulis fiksi roman tidak luput dari keringnya ide menulis adegan romantis. 426 more words


Take This Waltz (2011) :: MOTD

Take This Waltz (2011)
Written by Sarah Polley
Directed by Sarah Polley

Sometimes I’m… walking along the street and a shaft of sunlight falls in a certain way across the pavement and I just wanna cry. 304 more words


My dream of Hungarian lanterns

I love snow.

Much more than I love sun. In fact, the colder the better. It makes everywhere look ethereal and pure, burying life’s excesses beneath it. 224 more words


Take This Waltz

I’m working on a bunch of things at the moment, but none of them are postworthy yet. I was looking back over some of my older reviews (occasionally painful, often handy yardsticks) and I realised a) I’ve done a whole lot of reviews that haven’t made their way here and b) It’s a bunch of work I’ve already done just sitting there gathering e-dust. 946 more words


A character everyone loves to hate - Margot (Take This Waltz)

“Her narrative trajectory is best summarized by a sequence that bookends the film, one that, while a flash forward to the point in time at the end of the film, is also representative of the entrance point as well. 115 more words