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I used the same suggestion prior to sleeping as the night before.

Last night I dreamed I was at the warehouse with my family. I loaned a former coworker $20 (which changed to $50 later on in the dream). 389 more words


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius - Gilgamesh Takedown 20170315

At long last, at encounter number 8/9 (kept count because of the insane amount of NRG required to access the trial), I’ve finally beaten Greg (this is Gilgamesh’s alternative name)! 731 more words


Takedown Time #1: Holger Appel und der Diesel

Heute erreichte mich ein Link zu einem Kommentar, welcher in DEM Qualitätsmedium der Qualitätsmedien erschien, der FAZ. Während ich gerne die FAZ lese und immer noch überzeugt bin, dass sie eine der besseren Printmedien in Deutschland ist, bin ich immer wieder erstaunt, was für Wurzelzwerge dort offensichtlich in der Redaktion rumturnen… 2,547 more words


The Importance of Having Services Available for the Takedown of Copyrighted Material

The title of takedown czar is mystifying at first until one realizes this Internet product combats piracy online and is effective at taking down the stolen material. 325 more words


Copypants Chronicles: Undercutting your infringer

Second up for Copypants Chronicles; A new user finds a new client, and undercuts the person stealing their images.

For a long time, photography was just a hobby for me. 333 more words


Johnny Kitt Episode 14: Takedown

The sun streamed through the narrow blinds of Bella’s tiny room. It was still weak and cast pink and golden rays around the room. The sunrise, however, did not find Johnny and his companions sleeping. 941 more words

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Removing Your Copyrighted Content from Dutch Hosting Providers

While the DMCA Takedown Notice is a very effective tool in the United states and generally is successful in rectifying copyright infringement issues on the Internet, using a standard DMCA takedown notice with European Internet providers delivers a less certain outcome . 645 more words

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