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A Clinic on the Sea/Umi no Ue no Shinryoujo

I ended my last post with recommending A Clinic on the Sea as a good first Japanese drama (link goes to Hulu), though I think it was my fifth. 1,710 more words

Age harassment "エイジハラスメント"

“テメェ、五寸釘ぶちこむぞ!(Dammit, I will use 5-inch pin to pin ur voodoo doll!)”, spoke by Takei Emi in every episode in the latest JP drama Age Harassment. This TV drama is not just talking about age harassment, but trying to reflect different kinds of unfairness and discrimination in the society, especially in the working environment. 219 more words


Drama Teasers Galore

Quite a few trailers for dramas I’m looking forward to dropped this week, so one post for all of them. 996 more words

Song Qian