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So grateful

Just two weeks ago I came upon the profound realization that I want, need, to submit to my husband. I realize that I have been fighting someone else’s fight when I resented him, when I was jealous, when I grudged all the burdens I carry, the sacrifices I make. 386 more words

What the world sees

It’s the submissive who shows to others what type of Husband owns her.

How do you show the world what type of man captured your heart?

Taken in Hand

Ordered to lie
Facedown on bed
Blindfold on eyes
Hands tied, legs spread

Hard smack of hand
On panty-clad ass
Wanton hips rise
Lips gasp… 111 more words


She's Still The One

She is still the one and only.

She didn’t step right out of my dream, because I didn’t know women like her were out there.

There was not an exit clause in our wedding vows.

“You are exactly what I need. I’m glad you care enough to beat my ass and hold me accountable. Please don’t give up on me.” 110 more words

Why I Don't Comment

Over the past year and a half of writing on this blog, I’ve done precious little commenting or in-depth reading or following of other blogs.  I sometimes feel quite guilty about this, because there’s a lot of good stuff out there, and I truly do enjoy and appreciate what others have to say and share. 987 more words


Taken in Hand by the Wayne Men

It’s John Wayne day on TMC. We watched McClintock for the umpteenth time. Two of our favorite spanking scenes in films. Any scene with Maureen O’Hara getting spanked is worth watching. 30 more words