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In a Funk

Yeesh. 500 words or less is REALLY hard for me.  A discipline I must really put my mind to.

Life continues to go careening forward full tilt as we proceed with our move.  838 more words

Husbands And Wives

In the Crazy Moments

Life has been insane.  It doesn’t seem possible, but I’ve actually been too busy to write.  That hardly ever happens.  And, lack of writing time sort of unbalances me. 750 more words

Husbands And Wives

Welcome Home

Let me help you unwind from your busy day.

I’ve missed you so much.

Domestic Discipline

A Moment in Time

Tension. It is strumming through them, awaking nerve endings, quickening, stirring.

Intensity. The way he looks at her, the muscles of his jaw tightening as he breathes her in. 81 more words

Domestic Discipline

A Collar by Any Other Name...

..would smell as sweet? Or am I the only one around here that loves the aroma of good leather?

My point (and William Shakespeare’s) is that the names of things do not affect what they really are, in the form of a rose or even a collar. 785 more words

Domestic Discipline

Level of Resistance

Have you ever heard of the theory of reactance?

I hadn’t either. Until today. And it helped me put some additional pieces together as a sub. 769 more words

Domestic Discipline