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My husband has started snapping “WOMAN!” at me whenever I start to get on his nerves (or he just wants to). I find that it makes me feel giddy, since it reminds me that I’m being irrational without making me feel like my husband expects any different from me. 167 more words



Well, since everybody’s talking about it . . .

I read a few pages of Fifty Shades of Grey out of morbid curiosity, then stopped because it offended me horribly. 213 more words


Advice for Secular Men Seeking a Traditional Woman

On this Valentine’s Day I wish to offer some advice to all the men out there who like me are secular themselves and who also like me are seeking a Traditional Woman. 2,825 more words

Relationship Dynamics

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Aside from the obvious glee that comes from seeing pink splashed everywhere, the existence of love — the fact that we are capable of experiencing such a beautiful emotion — is one of the most wonderful things about this life. 41 more words


Happy Marriage

Before I got married, I was a major manga nerd. I feel like I ought to explain it, but it simply is what it is. I preferred to read manga over regular books, and did so for years. 378 more words


Is it right to punish your wife?

The reasons why I know it is right to punish my Wife:

  1. My wife has given her full consent to be punished and we have fully discussed and agreed what types of punishments will be used.
  2. 128 more words
Domestic Discipline

Taken by Your Hand

Head of House, My Dom, My Daddy: alot of responsibilities

You could have said No

this uncharted lifestyle I asked us to live.

But your heart is filled with love… 258 more words