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The takeoff

As the plane was speeding up, She could feel her heart pulling backwards. She had to rip the roots out of the ground. The pull was so strong. 160 more words

Cooking Up: Migos' Quavo Announces New Tape

Each member of the Migos trio can be found on various corners of social media, but it’s Quavo, the unofficial head of the group, who is active on Snapchat, posting often throughout most days. 278 more words

takeoff Your Mind To The World Of Article Marketing

An article is something that appears so simple to the untrained eye, but requires such complex techniques to build and market properly. The methods used are varied and change drastically across the web, depending on the site or band. 712 more words

Affiliate Marketing


Photo of the Week

Pelicans are among the most graceful birds in flight, especially skimming along effortlessly inches above the surf in formation.  Takeoff, however is simply a matter of challenging and overpowering gravity, and that takes some effort. 10 more words

Photo Of The Week


Caravan Alpha has left New Eden!

Gale scouted a well-suited wormhole for us. We’re not alone in there but we scouted the POS and we’re confident. 111 more words

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Chinese passenger opens emergency door ‘to get some fresh air’ just before take-off

A Chinese passenger opened an emergency exit door just before the plane was about to take off
The man said he just wanted “to get some fresh air” 32 more words