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Docking and Take off Planetary Station

Planetary Landing Can be a little tricky, especially if there is gravity involved.

This is the process for Landing on a Planet with a Gravity of, 1.9. 528 more words


*Certain Doughm!!* Help Keep The Great British Bakeoff  on The BBC!  

Alas, the BBC has befallen a lowly deed: The Great British Bakeoff, the quintessential heart of the British trait ‘tea and cake galore,’ is set to move broadcasters to Channel 4. 127 more words


... A Funny Takeoff [#SNL skit parody][#Mohammad cartoon drawing]...

.. somehow , Saturday Night Live found a way to do a funny and informed takeoff on the controversy over the Mohammed Cartoon ruckus .. 51 more words

Personal Opinion

First Flight

Do you remember the first takeoff of your life?

My first flight was from Bangalore to Goa. I was travelling with my friend who had travelled in a plane before. 764 more words


Great Egret Takeoff

The Great Egret (Ardea alba) was beautiful in the bright sunlight. Its wingspan was impressive and its flight was graceful as it took to the air. 12 more words


a greater focus

I apologize for being absent for so long. Life has its own way of “getting in the way”. So here’s a little update on what has been going on. 437 more words

Ready For Take-off

A SEAPLANE preparing for take-off late afternoon at Victoria on Vancouver Island. Hey, ho, how wonderful.