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Pie-Thrower Speaks

And I know what a bunch of you are thinking: right, great game, Rome. The Patriots are awesome. Belichick’s the best. Whatever. Let’s get back to the dude throwing the pie into Kevin Johnson’s face. 786 more words


Captain Checkdown

There was a lot to be bent about if you’re a Texans fan, but at the top of the list is one Brock Alan Osweiler. I think we all know why John Elway let him walk in the offseason. 467 more words


The Hoodman Owns The Sport

Patriots 27. Texans Nothing. Complete and total beatdown.

And a game that wasn’t nearly as close as that score indicates. I said it before the game and I’ll say it again. 464 more words


You're Above This, Darrelle

After an all-out assault on his game the last few weeks, Darrelle Revis is fighting back.

No, not by playing better defense or working extra hard in practice this week as the Jets prepare to head to Kansas City. 564 more words


KJ Punches Pie Thrower

Well, here’s a sentence I never thought I’d say: former NBA star, and current Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, was hit in the face with a pie last night and then, according to a witness, beat the protester to a “bloody pulp.” 489 more words


2016 Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are having a tough week. Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson might be done for the season, with knee surgery on his torn meniscus scheduled for today. 790 more words