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Overwatch Characters As Fantasy Heroes

(Source: kotaku.com)

Overwatch Fantasia is a project by some Korean artists to take Blizzard’s roster of Heroes and make them look like they walked out of something like a Final Fantasy artbook. 48 more words


Phillips Phunny: Little Girl Takes Pope's Hat

A little girl tried to STEAL the Pope’s hat??!!

A three-year-old girl from Atlanta got to meet the Pope in Rome yesterday. And when he kissed her cheek, she tried to steal his HAT!


Spotting Between Periods

What is Spotting between Periods? Spotting in between periods takes place when there is vaginal blood flow in between the The post Spotting Between Periods appeared first on eHealthHall.com – Health & Medical Articles.

DRM in HTML5 takes its next step toward standardization

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), a mechanism by which HTML5 video providers can discover and enable DRM providers offered by a browser, has taken the next step on its contentious road to standardization. 591 more words


10-Year Anniversary Non-Invitees

The 10-year anniversary of the Boston Celtics most recent NBA championship is coming up in 2018 and Rajon Rondo is running point on plans to get that squad back together to celebrate. 634 more words


Accept A New Role, Island

Darrelle Revis is looking for a job. After out-running the law after multiple felony charges were dismissed against him last week — about the only thing he’s out run in the past year — the man formerly known as Revis Island wasn’t even outside the courthouse before he was politicking for a new employer. 355 more words


Brady’s Jersey Has Been Found

The long national nightmare is over: TB12’s Super Bowl jersey has been found. And everybody — the NFL, the Patriots, Houston PD’s Major Offenders Division, the FREAKING FBI, and even Mexican authorities played a role in recovering it. 507 more words