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He’s Back

For weeks, it had been a possibility, a thought of something that could happen, if everything fell into place. A dream almost. And last night, it became official – Aaron Rodgers is back. 698 more words


Steelers vs. Pats

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re four days out from Patriots-Steelers in Pittsburgh. And you know how NFL coaches get when it comes to big games. They completely shut down. 801 more words


What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

(Source: hbr.org)

As an aspiring product manager (PM), there are three primary considerations when evaluating the role: Core Competencies, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Company Fit. 2,651 more words

Money Matters

It’s Over, Narks

How about a very quiet, very dignified, very polite round of applause for the sport of Golf.

Because yesterday, the almighty powers at the USGA and R&A ripped the dumbest page from that novel-of-a-rulebook and fed it to the shredder. 391 more words


Cutty’s Walk-Off

Every great hero knows when it’s time to ride off into the sunset. And that’s why I’m going closed circuit to a man whose head is still probably resting on his pillow — a half-smoked Marlboro burning in the ashtray, a bottle of whiskey down to its last drop, and a giant chinchilla fur coat lying at the foot of the bed. 303 more words


Crazy Night In South Beach

Miami 27, New England 20. The 11-point underdogs rising up to smash New England. The Patriots get smacked  by a team they beat by 18 just two weeks earlier. 692 more words


Gordon Is Officially Back

Josh Gordon is back. It was technically official last week when he had 4 receptions for 85 yards last week against the Chargers. And even more official when he had 3 receptions for 69 yards and his first touchdown Sunday against the Packers. 883 more words