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Preach, A.J.

I’ve been preaching three letters for years now.  SYM. Save your money.  Finally somebody’s listening.

Dolphins D-lineman A.J. Francis. He’s not only saving his money, he’s making more of it when he’s off the job. 262 more words


A 9-year Retirement?

Quick whip around the news world this week: The Da Vinci Code is opening in theaters, Chuck Liddell is training for his fight with Randy Couture, Gnarls Barkley is all over the Billboard Charts, and Yankee great Bernie Williams is calling it a career. 266 more words


The Return Of Ignoramus Winston

Something’s been stinking about Jameis Winston.  His march to the NFL draft has just been a little too perfect.  For a guy who couldn’t go 5 minutes without stepping in it during the season, he’s kept his nose clean for months before going #1. 372 more words


Favorite Moment Of The Playoffs

You never want to see a player get injured. But the Mavericks announcing that Rajon Rondo is out indefinitely with a “back injury” is my favorite moment of these playoffs. 307 more words


People x Email: The time it takes us to get a reply

What is it about emails that most people do not understand?   

The thing is meant to be one of the “quickest ways of communication”, but some people take days or even weeks to reply to a message. 118 more words

Lamest First Round Matchup

We’re just two games into the playoffs, and the NBA may already have a couple dead teams walking.  No names mentioned, Mallas Dravericks and Roronto Traptors. 295 more words