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Let’s Kick It Back To 2009

Hey everybody- it’s throwback Thursday! Let’s kick it back to 2009…  Gimme some Black Eyed Peas up in here!

Big ups to Kobe Bryant for getting his 5th ring! 388 more words


Stupidity In The First Degree

You know how this goes. If I’m cracking the mic to talk about NFL journeyman receiver Josh Morgan, it’s probably not going to be a great segment for Josh Morgan. 293 more words


Jimbo’s Question Of The Day

The SEC is getting hammered by the Big Ten. Sure, the last time we saw these two on the field – Bama was just ruining Sparty. 314 more words


Favorite Kobe Stories

After a loss in Cleveland last night, Kobe Bryant laid out what he hates most about his farewell tour. “Well, that we suck. That’s tough.” I bet it is. 412 more words


Stop Recruiting The Sheriff, Erv

Peyton Manning to LA isn’t going away. In fact, now the de facto mayor of Los Angeles is in full recruiting mode.

Mayor Maj went on Jimmy Fallon with The Mallard last night, and Erv said he’s trying to talk him into choosing L.A. 402 more words


Don’t Go AYSO, Rog

Football season’s never over. The second the Super Bowl ends it’s time for The Shield to fix up their shop and do some spring cleaning. And they’re off to a bad start because Roger Goodell wants to go AYSO with the NFL. 321 more words


How Many Medications Do You Take?

I am wondering how many medications everyone takes for PTSD. (I m mostly interested in the number of meds, not so much in which specific ones you re on.) In the past, I have been on up six or seven at one time–(that includes medication anxiety, depression, panic, as well as stomach issues and headaches relating to the PTSD). 48 more words