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The Break Dancer of Your Dreams

Have you ever thought about something that you really want to do, or seen someone doing something cool and thought “hey, maybe I would like to do that, but I NEVER could because I am me and they are them and how would that ever work, I just can’t!!” or any other sort of run-on sentence that involves you doubting your ability to try something? 360 more words


Waiting through a storm...

Friday morning the sky was grey and large rain clouds were looming close by.  I had to run by the post office for a quick stamp and mail a letter. 737 more words

What Do I Want?

Several months ago I had decided this was it: as much as I loved my current workplace and the people in it, I was going to leave. 550 more words


Great Leap

It was a puzzle that I couldn’t figure out. I simply did not have enough information. My three-year-old self was standing at the top of the staircase that was just outside of my bedroom. 468 more words


taking a leap - update


Life is funny. Sometimes you’re thrown a curve ball that takes you places you’ve never imagined going before. Sometimes it keeps things you’ve wondered about around you, until you’re smart enough to do it. 273 more words


I jumped off a cliff and it was the best terrifying moment in my life

I was watching the water running faster and faster and I kept saying to myself, I am at the edge this is the way the water is moving and the way I should be moving in. 584 more words


Is It Worth It?

My job is not as high stress as some, say a neurosurgeon, but it comes with its fair share. I certainly put a lot of stress on myself as well, which doesn’t make it any easier. 508 more words

Life And Happiness