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50 + Things to Feed Your Body, Mind & Soul

50 Things to Feed  Your Body , Mind & Soul

This is my personal challenge guidelines for my Free to Be Me – 50 lbs Challenge… 514 more words

Daily Challenge

Self Care.

After reading Kelsey Munger’s blog about self care, I’ve tried to participate in self care in the last few months. You know, little things for myself that make me happy. 445 more words


Revamp your routine

This post might be vain, but one of my reasons for writing this blog is to keep it real with myself, clear the air and figure out what works and what doesn’t during my weight loss journey. 288 more words

Boca Raton

Going Boldly

So already I have found that my brain is more than willing to overload me, if I let it. Having made the decision to start building things back into my life, brain has gone ‘right, you need to do all these things which means you don’t have time to do the things, so you need to do that now and then that, but that will take time and then that other thing also needs doing and then there’s all that other stuff and…’ Just no. 345 more words

Observations And Opinions

Note to self...March 23rd

Note to self…

To help myself this week, I will do my best to get enough sleep, eat food that will nourish my body, make God my priority and replace negative thoughts with positive truth

Self Help

Someday I won’t be able to hike Hamiliton Mtn, today is NOT that day!

I’m so happy that I got to spend this gorgeous day hiking with my adorable friend Cory.  151 more words


The Plan: What a Ficus Benjamina taught me.

My office window at home faces north onto the avenue in front of our house.

My desk is tucked into the bay window overlooking the front yard and beside it sits a large Ficus Benjamina. 1,116 more words

Essential Journey