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Learning it's okay to do things by yourself you normally do with other people.

I’ve come to the realization it’s summer movie time and I haven’t gone to see anything in theaters.  Now normally, I don’t go to the movies, unless it’s something I can’t wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray.   468 more words


Family isn't necessarily those you're born into.

Day late posting.  I went swimming with three of my favorite people, “Big Brother,” my honorary “Sis” (aka his wife, aka one of my best friends), and their daughter, better known as my beloved godchild, then went out to eat after.   587 more words


To take care of yourself, you have to forgive yourself

Two entries in one day.  After writing earlier, I gamed a bit this evening with friends, including Willa & Damon.  As we conversed and laughed, I started to think about those several weeks ago when all the drama started between Willa & Damon and how I got included in it. 430 more words


Realizing it's okay to back away.

Okay…in this journey I’m taking, I’m having to look at/reassess things in my life.  Relationships being a big part of this.  And while I value all my friendships and call many of them my family, I’ve come to realize there are a small handful of people I definitely could not live without in my life. 352 more words


Lists, lists, and more lists

So…I am one week into my self reflection to answer the questions my “big brother” posed to me.  One of the things I like to do to get my thoughts in order is make lists.   241 more words


The Hard Truth

I decided to start a blog as I go through a personal journey in order to find out what makes me happy and who I am.   1,591 more words


My frustration with Western medicine, today

Hey Guys,

If you watched my last YouTube video, “The Limitations of Diagnosis”, you can probably tell that I’m on a little bit of a roll in the area of wellness. 1,092 more words