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Public Speaking

As I opened my Time Hop this morning, I noticed that 2 of the posts were work related. 4 years ago, I had said “interview at 10, wish me luck”. 526 more words

Taking Care Of Myself

Cleaning Up After Yourself

Saturday night found Paul and I engaged in some heavy discipline with our kids. 5 of the kids were playing downstairs when we heard the baby screaming bloody murder, which sent us running downstairs to see what was going on. 687 more words

Taking Care Of Myself

Taking Care of Myself

This is an interesting post. On the one hand, all hell broke loose, and on the other, I feel liberated. They say the truth will set you free, and I think that’s true. 161 more words


Happy Every Day

I am a HUGE Sex in the City fan. In fact I probably learned most of what I thought about sex and relationships from watching this show (good and bad). 279 more words

Taking Care Of Myself


Fortunate Happenstance or Pleasant Surprise

If you asked Paul what he was looking for when he started talking to me, I doubt he would say “the next great love of my life.” When I started talking to Paul, it never entered my mind that this guy could be my husband. 372 more words

Taking Care Of Myself

Unanswered Prayers

“God’s timing doesn’t have to make sense, but it’s still perfect. Trust him beyond your understanding.”
I saw this quote on Facebook yesterday and found myself flooded with emotion. 497 more words

Taking Care Of Myself

My Mid Year Review

While working out this morning, I realized we are more than half way through the year. Then I started reflecting on all of the things I wanted to accomplish this year and see if I am in fact in pace to meet those goals. 616 more words

Taking Care Of Myself