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Discover the Three R's That Combat Stress in Your Life #inspiration #MondayBlogs

Are you taking care of yourself?

It’s a super busy time of the year for me. If I didn’t take care of myself, I’d be a mess. 104 more words


Coconut oil body scrub?

Okey guys, this is scary! Coconut oil and sugar mixed together to get a body scrub. Well to be honest, I only have it in my face. 221 more words


Sauna and Forest Walk...

Today I’ve treated myself.

  • Almond porridge breakfast,
  • meditation,
  • forest walk,
  • sauna,
  • salad for dinner,
  • movie night.

If that doesn’t help getting my hormones in balance naturally I don’t know what will. 35 more words


not alone exactly

My dad is away on business for a week and since the kittens just moved in, he was scared that they couldn’t be left alone just yet. 507 more words


My Starter Part and Darth Vader

Good Evening, God,

For the last week or so I have been thinking about what Parts or Aspects of me are not working as well as I would like. 276 more words


Are you Drinking Enough Water and Keeping Hydrated?

Are you Drinking Enough Water and Keeping Hydrated?

Benefits of drinking water or H2O are well-known so here are the best ones to  remind us to keep hydrated and reap the benefits.   493 more words

Daily Challenge

50 + Things to Feed Your Body, Mind & Soul

50 Things to Feed  Your Body , Mind & Soul

This is my personal challenge guidelines for my Free to Be Me – 50 lbs Challenge… 516 more words

Daily Challenge