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Me too

I didn’t write last week.  Partly best I was sick…partly because I had to contemplate something.  I saw so many people come out with their own Me Too stories.  344 more words


The Things I'm Doing


So it turns out that I am having a little more difficult recovery than what is normal. And given the fact that I was in pain for about 5 weeks before I went to the doctor, this extended waiting to feel better is affecting me in a bad way. 588 more words


The end can happen at any time

…It’s been a crazy few weeks in the world.  Three major hurricanes have affect the country I call home.  Everyone seems to be fighting over so many things.  518 more words


Emotions running on high

So…yesterday, we had birthday dinner for Jenna.  Curt planned a surprise dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.  It was very sweet.  Only thing is…there was like 35 people there.   551 more words


The Eternal Optimist Realist

Wow…it’s been 3 months since I started this journey.  I am slowly learning and relearning things about myself.   I’ve had to evaluate relationships.  I’ve forgiven myself…though I do have my moments of reflection on that matter.   412 more words


Rest is needed to rejuvenate the soul.

It was a busy week at work.  Getting in touch with parents to schedule meetings, open house, helping my admins, teachers, and students, figuring out when we’re going to have Game Club so as not to conflict with other after school activities. 430 more words


Past, Present, Future

A friend of mine is going through a rough patch.  He’s scare of the future if he doesn’t make some major changes.  The results he’s trying to achieve will not happen overnight.   417 more words