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Taking Stock: One

I first saw Taking Stock blogs on ‘This Is Ess’. Sharon got the idea from Sydney Liam, who in turn got it from Pip Lincolne. 907 more words

Grind Mode

Growing my craft

Hello DIYers

Craft has been described as a skill using the hand. I like to think it also involves the mind. While I was away from the blog, I was busy growing my craft. 143 more words



Hey Folks! I hope you enjoyed your long Easter holiday. I secretly wished the weekend was a week-long :) Anyways, I hope yours was as awesome as mine was. 1,271 more words

Taking Stock

You can do Anything, not Everything

Sounds like a paradox. Except it makes a lot of sense.

The past few weeks I have found myself striving to accomplish a lot of things. 134 more words

Taking Stock

Taking Stock: 20

This is an idea I got from a social media influencer – This Is Ess (AKA Sharon Mundia). She is a beautiful woman (I don’t only mean physically) and I could honestly go on and on about her but that is not for this post, maybe another. 449 more words

Taking Stock

Taking Stock .

It has been a while since i blogged. Damn! Time to take stock :)

Cooking: Some mokimo and some chicken later on tonight, please vodka don’t change this plan. 256 more words


Taking Stock Jan · Mar 2018

So here’s to my taking stock skills! I only wanna post the best of content thus motivation has to strike! Twee-hee Let’s continue!

Making : my boyfriend happy! 308 more words

Taking Stock