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Taking Stock

Making: money this summer! Decided to work, work, work!

Eating: a lot of unhealthy food lately. Issa Holiday though!

Drinking: Water! Although I am still not staying as hydrates as I should be. 508 more words

Taking Stock


Opening: my empty heart a little
Feeling: empty
Knowing: i don’t know, I know it’s the middle of June, I care not
Wishing: i wasn’t… 170 more words

Every pixel is perfect

“Just think, every sunset is perfect. You don’t sit there, and think that one corner of the sunset could be more red, that one could be more yellow. 1,135 more words

Taking Stock

Midsummer Review: How YOU Doin'?

Midsummer arrives on June 20th, which I greet with equal parts joy and gravity. I suppose that is fitting, as the sun reaches the height of its power here in the Northern Hemisphere and then begins a slow decline in strength until December. 792 more words


Do you want to build a tool box?

Rester simple. ⇔ Keep. It. Simple.

Hello beautifuls!   Our laptop has been back from repair for a little over a week. Sadly, the hard drive needed to be replaced, so Mr D has been working to get it up to speed once again. 476 more words


First week of Winter : Embracing the wet and cold

The start of the month of Ramadan brought with it the desire for nesting in me. The fact that the first week of winter coincided with it was a helping factor too. 573 more words


taking stock : may

It is June: The most wonderful month of the year! But before we dive in, let’s take time to take stock of May:

Inspired by… 199 more words