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When I’m stressed and walking my mind is going very fast thinking through all my stressors. Lately when I walk,  and I don’t feel as stressed lately, I have a book on tape or music going, or I’m talking on my phone. 559 more words

Guest Post - Doing a PhD with a chronic illness: a bridge over troubled water

I am a PhD student. I am many other things, too. For example, I have MS (I prefer to say ‘have’ rather than ‘suffer from’). MS is short for multiple sclerosis: a chronic, auto-immune and neuro-degenerative disease. 965 more words

Settling in the travel mode, or trying to take it easy

We have been in Peru for about three weeks now but it seems like much longer. All the places we’ve seen, all the people we’ve met and all the things that are so different and yet so similar. 433 more words

Accepting Who You Are

TAKING TIME - Day 61 in a year of...

Day 61, September 21, 2016 @8:06

I realize today that I must take the time to do the things that are important and the things that I love.   194 more words

Support Systems

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

It’s been a bad month. Your research/field work isn’t going well. You have started to wonder if you’re on the wrong track. 1,055 more words

Love can wait but my dreams can't

I finished my priority list for the last quarter of 2016. And when I pinned it on journal dashboard, I realized that I didn’t put any room for dating in it which isn’t a surprise at all. 404 more words


What I Used to Be..

This last writing prompt was hard because I have never really tried my hand at poetry. And there is something inherently intimidating about trying your hand at something you haven’t done before. 767 more words