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How Doing Nothing Can Lead to Everything

German Philosopher Josef Pieper once wrote, “Leisure is a form of that stillness that is necessary preparation for accepting reality; only the person who is still can hear, and whoever is not still, cannot hear. 116 more words

Taking time ...

Getting rid of garbage is essential; and, so, I try to make less work for myself by not making any more than is necessary.

It is crucial, as well, to use a filter to direct your thoughts, creatively; and to manage your time to get the most of the information you do gather; and, when you feel overwhelmed with the weight of the world, to give yourself permission to close the door and turn off the lights, as well. 74 more words


random thoughts

After a busy weekend, I feel well adapted to work today, that is very pleasing :)

I have not done a lot of stuff, but was rather busy with meetings with my team members. 163 more words


Conditions Are Right: Transcending Busyness

The HVAC system was not working when I arrived at work this morning. I find it difficult to work under such barbaric conditions where the mercury is expected to dip to an icy 55 degrees. 526 more words

My Daughter Showed Me to Slow Down

Yet another chaotic weekend, one that never, ever seems to last long enough (as confirmed by Miss Olena), gave way to yet another crazy Monday morning. 447 more words


Take Time for JOY

Be sure to take time for joy today. You know, those little moments that make you smile in the midst of mundane things. Seek joy out; it’s the cherry on top of your day. 499 more words

I Have Time

Hurrying speeds us away from the present moment, expressing a wish to be in the future because we think we’re going to be late. To counter it, Master Alexander teacher Walter Carrington told his students to repeat each time they begin an action: … 809 more words

Dealing With Stress