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Top 5 reasons I'll follow you on Twitter

Everyone’s in a hurry these days.

Time-poor researchers who are encouraged by their institutions and supervisors to ‘get on social media’ are definitely in a hurry. 991 more words

Research Culture

“It’s not a waste of time to take your time”

(Little Man taking a “nap” while I was rolling up my mat)

One of my favorite yoga instructors brings a sweet message to each of her classes, one to ponder on and to dig deeper into during our practice for that class.  729 more words

Jesus Christ

Penny for Your Thoughts

I’ve realized rather recently that I tend to hurry to places. But who can blame me? I’m 5′ 8″ with my mom’s legs and my school doesn’t have an all in one building. 1,121 more words

February 24, 2015 --- Be Like Job's Friends...

Hectic schedules are the rule of the day.  We run from one place to another with barely enough time to “breathe.”  We wake up, undergo our daily activities and discover at the end of the day we have no time left for those things of great importance. 250 more words


Thoughts on Thursday

Take a moment.
Today I want to give you a gift..i want to give you the gift of a moment.
I want you to look at the picture above ..and I want to take you here..trust me we can do this. 443 more words


Oh my, the books the books!

The house needs dusting, the garden is full of weeds, the dogs need walking…..but sneezing and coughing I will rest and read. And I won’t feel guilty about any of the tasks that won’t get done today. 30 more words


Everybody's Got A Story

There’s a little town just north of where I live that considers itself the “center of the universe.” I’m not quite sure exactly how it acquired that moniker, but it’s been there for much longer than I’ve been around. 877 more words